Dog Chinese Horoscope 2019

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2019

The Horse is the seventh zodiac in the Chinese Zodiac Cycle. The Horse years are 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038… and so on, i.e. those born in these years come under the Horse sign. Horse horoscope for 2019, in the year of Pig, predicts that people under the Horse sign could face a lot of unpredictability and uncertainty. Your auspicious stars will ensure a prosperous and productive career year, but you could be prone to some minor health issues. However, if you listen to what your body demands and hints, overall, 2019 should be a good year for you, Horse.

The Chinese zodiac sign,Horse, in 2019, predicts the following in detail for its own year:

Career Horoscope for Horse

Those under the sign of Horse are going to have a very productive and successful year at work. With auspicious stars 'Zi Wei', 'Long De' and 'Lu Xun’ working in your favour, everything will go according to plan. You will be able to do good work, and any trouble you face will be overturned with your good luck. 'Lu Xun’ could also increase your chances of getting a salary raise or a promotion. Your socialising and networking skills will pay off this year, benefiting your career. Take initiative to improve interpersonal relationships, as they will bring in better opportunities in the future. 'Xiao Hao’ could stir up some trouble at work, so be careful of the words you choose. Overall, 2019 is all about fame and fortune for you at work!

Love Horoscope for Horse

Horse Horoscope for 2019 predicts that auspicious stars will bless you when it comes to your love life. Your luck with the opposite sex will be good, so if you are single, you will get ample opportunities to find a partner. Despite getting many chances to start a relationship, you may not be in the mood to do so. Since 2019 will be a very career-focused year for Horses, you may end up spending all your time and energy working, leaving you with less time, and motivation, to indulge in romance. For married couples, this could lead to some fights and rouse issues with intimacy. So try to communicate well with each other, and take out some alone time to keep the romance alive!

Health Horoscope for Horse

Your career will have a direct impact on your health. The extra hours that you put into work will show on your health. However, your motto this year, ‘No pain, no gain’, should not be taken too seriously. Energy being spent at work, and struggling to manage deadlines could result in poor mental health. Do not forget to take a break every now and then. Find some relaxation time as well. 'Bao Bai' and 'Si Fu’ could suggest some minor illnesses, so get regular health check-ups, and follow your doctor’s advice religiously.

Wealth Horoscope for Horse

While it can be good to spend money on utilities and productive items, this year, try keeping your expenditure on a check.Xiao Hao’ will mean you could be spending money on trivial matters, so it might be time to reevaluate your values so that they fit your financial budget better. Youngsters, who might be spending the family fortune, thinking there could be no limit to it, should rethink their lifestyle. Overall, Horse horoscope for 2019 in terms of wealth will remain prosperous thanks to auspicious stars 'Lu Xun’, Zi Wei' and 'Long De’ which will ensure additional incomes, apart from your regular salary. 

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