Dog Chinese Horoscope 2018

Sheep Chinese Horoscope 2018

The eighth (Sheep/Goat) in the 12 year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Sheep/Goat/Ram, include : 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027……

The Sheep horoscope for 2018 looks loaded with lots of great opportunities. Both Dog and Sheep being farm animals, ‘The Year of Dog’ will guide the Sheep while you seek a goal in life this year. Since, according to the Chinese Five Element Theory, Sheep is ‘Female Earth’ and Dog is ‘Male Earth’; the Dog will have an amazing guiding influence on the Sheep.

For the Chinese zodiac sign, Sheep, in 2018, the year will present numerous surprises on the professional and social front. You will do very well financially but only if you avoid unnecessary arguments at work. Although you will earn handsomely, you are advised to curtail spending money lavishly on unnecessary things.

For the Sheep , 2018 promises success in any new projects undertaken.

Love relationships need to be worked on with a little patience and communication.

The Chinese zodiac sign, Sheep/Goat/ Ram, in 2018, predicts the following in detail:

Career Horoscope for Sheep

The Sheep horoscope  2018 predicts that you will have a hectic work schedule this year but thanks to the influence of the star, ’Ba Zuo’, you will be able to keep up with the work as you will be in high spirits.Your work will be recognised by your seniors but you may invite the envy of your co-workers. The star,’Tian De’ will help you to avoid getting into a conflict with them and instead, maintain good relations.


Education Horoscope for Sheep​

The auspicious star, ‘Tian De’ will provide guidance from the seniors to the students and help you have access to amazing opportunities that will enable you to succeed in academics. The stars, ‘Fu Xing’ and ‘Ba Zuo’ will provide mental peace to you, so that you can calmly pursue your studies. 2018 is perfect for students aiming to go overseas for further education, as the star, ‘Ban An’ will bless you to do so.


Love Horoscope for Sheep​

Cupid will play the disappearing act for the Chinese zodiac Sheep, in 2018. The star, ‘Gua Su’ will play truant with the single Sheep’s love life and not allow you to find an interesting partner. The two stars, ‘Juan She’ and ‘Jiao Sha’, will destroy the mental peace of married Sheep such that you may even start disliking your partner and make chances of a breakup, quite strong.

Inauspicious stars, ‘Huang Fan’ and ‘Pi Ma’ may bring bad luck to your family. Do not enter into unnecessary disputes with family members in 2018.


Health Horoscope for Sheep​

Sheep, in 2018, will need to be cautious about health. The stars,’Ba Zuo’ and ‘Fu Xing’ will be helpful to you if you look after your diet and exercise. But the star, ‘Huang Fan’, could be troublesome and have a bad effect on your head and abdomen, making you suffer from cerebral and urinary disorders while ‘Jiao Sha’ could affect your respiratory system. You need to be careful about accidents, especially sports-related ones.


Wealth Horoscope for Sheep​

The stars, ‘Tian De’, ‘Fu Xing’ and ‘Ban An’ will bring luck to the Sheep in 2018 and help you in monetary benefits and investing the surplus, wisely. Those of you in a job, will be appreciated for your hard work and get an increase in salary. Be a little wary of your opponents and build up your public relations in order to be successful.