Ox Chinese Horoscope 2018

The second (Ox) in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Ox include: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021…..

The Wood Dog, ‘Wu Xu’, for the Ox in 2018 will throw many challenges your way, which if you take up, will bring you lots of good luck. The Ox horoscope for 2018 is blessed by many auspicious stars and planets which will ensure you enjoy many victories this year, provided you are not stressing yourself out. Ox in 2018, will be financially stable.

Since the Dog and Ox have no enmity with each other, 2018 will offer you instant support and encouragement from everyone. Use that to your advantage to keep yourself motivated. Your creative juices will be overflowing this year. Use that to start new projects. Travelling will help you give wings to your creativity.

People belonging to the sign Ox, in 2018, need to stop being lethargic. To start with, take up yoga.

With love in the air, you will feel content and blissful.

Lets see in detail what is the prediction for the Chinese Zodiac sign,Ox, in 2018-

Career Horoscope for Ox

Ox horoscope 2018, suggests a real busy year for you. Those of you in jobs will continue impressing your seniors with your excellent work. Businessmen; you have to be a little cautious while dealing with your partners, as problems arising in your business could come in the way of your friendship with them. If you are a civil servant, this year is yours! Your boss, especially if female, will be very impressed with your work.

Remember to take help from people, if you get in a tight spot.


Education Horoscope for Ox​

For the Ox in 2018, hard work is written on the cards, if you want to excel in your field. Any laid back attitude will result in a considerable academic downfall. Take the help of your seniors if you come across any topic you don’t understand. Do not brush aside those topics. Use different methods to help you stay concentrated and motivated.


Love Horoscope for Ox​

Love will be in the air for the Ox in 2018. Single Ox will find a partner from a similar background. Those of you who already are in love; will plan a romantic getaway for some cosy time together. Keep in mind though; that relationship work best when both partners give some space to each other.

You will spend some quality time with your family this year and with the elder's suggestion; will modify some major areas of your house.


Health Horoscope for Ox​

Ox horoscope for 2018 asks you to be careful of not only your own health but also of the elderly family members. You may face problems related to your back and neck and may be prone to accidents this year. Get into an exercise routine which will help you sleep better in the night. Destress yourself by catching up with old friends. Those of you who are on the wrong side of 50; keep a tab on your sugar levels and joint pains.


Wealth Horoscope for Ox​

You need to be a little careful about unnecessarily spending money this year. The planetary movements caution you to make wise transactions. Keep your bank papers in order or you may suffer heavy financial loss. It is imperative to make some sound investments and not squander away all your profits. Take some wise person’s opinion before you carry out any money-related decisions this year.