Dog Chinese Horoscope 2018

Dog Chinese Horoscope 2018

The eleventh (Dog) in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac calendar; the Years of the Dog include: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030……

The Dog horoscope 2018, for its own year, looks favourable in most aspects except where the Cupid intends striking.

Your hard work and sincerity, coupled with your strong will, will bring you success on the professional front. You could get a pay hike this year. Students will fare well in their examinations.

You will do well financially and spend lavishly. However, you need to control your expenditure and invest soundly as this year will be lucky for new financial investments.

A little struggle and misunderstanding could have a negative impact on your love relationship and situation can deteriorate if you don’t watch out what you say.

The family will be supportive and you will enjoy a much-needed vacation with them.

While you will be physically healthy, you may get drained mentally. Practice yoga and meditation to de-stress.

The Chinese zodiac sign, Dog, in 2018, predicts the following in detail for its own year:

Career Horoscope for Dog

Dog horoscope 2018 predicts an excellent career this year. The year starts well for the professionals and businessmen alike. Your hard work and sincerity will open many doors of new opportunities for you, granting you success and economic prosperity. Those in service will get a raise and those in business will make great progress. Do take advice from an expert before you make any new financial or business investment.


Education Horoscope for Dog

Students belonging to the Chinese zodiac sign Dog, in 2018 have it made for them! You will stay focussed on your studies and pass all the major examinations with flying colours. By the middle of the year, you may feel a little challenged, but with the help of parents and friends, you will learn to de-stress and focus on achieving your goals. Avoid any negative thinking; instead stay positive always.


Love Horoscope for Dog

The year will start well with your love interest. But as the months pass, you may get into unnecessary conflicts and disputes with your beloved. Always be ready to make small compromises and never break your partner's trust in you. The singles are likely to meet their soulmate this year.

Your family will be very supportive and minor issues will be resolved amicably. You need to watch your temper during discussions. Take the family for a holiday to spend some quality time with them.


Health Horoscope for Dog

You will not suffer from any major physical illness this year. Barring some minor colds and coughs, you will remain healthy. But you will be highly disturbed on the emotional front because of some personal problems which will keep you awake at nights. Adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle coupled with yoga and meditation, will keep you mentally relaxed and psychologically fit.


Wealth Horoscope for Dog

Dogs in 2018, will be financially stable. Any business investment you make will yield good profit. Those in service will get a promotion and pay hike. But along with the earnings, you will also splurge on unnecessary items. Avoid being too generous with your money and lending it to unknown people.