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Acharya S S Joshi
Vedic Astrology & Numerology
Offline ₹ 25 Per Min

Acharya S S Joshi

Acharya Shanti Prasad Joshi ji is a well know jyotish acharya with having 12 years of experience in the field of jyotisham, vastu and numerlogy. After completing his graduation in Jyotisham and Vastu he has successfully complted his masters degree from Sri Sampoornanad Vishwa Vidyalaya, Varanasi. He is specialized in Jyotisham, Numerology and Vastu. With his accurate prediction and remedies for the various problem of people who come to see him everyday he has helped many people to lead a successful life.

Time Availability : 8 AM- 2 PM

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Gurgaon

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  By Priyadarshi Samal 27 Apr 2017

He is very polite in his approach, extremely clear in his thoughts and gives the best sort of guidance. Thank you very much for answering to my queries. It was a pleasure talking to you.

  By sushil kumar mishra 20 Apr 2017

knowledgeable, calm and precise. a delight to talk to. hope his predictions work out, but he explained very well. am calm now

  By Bhawana 06 Apr 2017

Very Good.

  By Ashish K Sharma 08 Apr 2017

Really,one of the best astrologer I have talked to so far. Explains things nicely and in a friendly manner.- Ashish K Sharma.

  By Bhawana 06 Apr 2017

Very Good.

  By Shamsher Rawal 13 Apr 2017

I am happy with advice of Joshiji.He is well versed in his work. i refer him for Gem stone.

  By Sudhir Singh 15 Apr 2017

Thank you for guidance. Excellent..!!!

  By yuvraj 18 Apr 2017

Nice to talk with you sir,,,,

  By rupa 12 Apr 2017

feeling relax after talking with him.hope suggestion will work and my life will change with love n blessing.

  By Nikita Mehrotra 11 Apr 2017

very patient & knowledgeable.Thank you for all the guidance.

  By Lalitalath Lalitalath 05 Apr 2017

Precise answers and simple remedies

  By Rahul 27 Mar 2017

apt, honest , positive experience. highly recommended

  By Shree raja 12 Mar 2017

Very good and honest explanation

  By MUNISH KUMAR 03 Mar 2017


  By Rishav Verma 21 Feb 2017


  By DEEPAK 17 Feb 2017

It was very helpful

  By Sachin 16 Feb 2017

Extremely thankful to acharay joshiji for cleaning my all doubts

  By shobhit sharma 08 Feb 2017

It was very nice and thoughtfull session based on the practicality of life with probable solution of the problems.Thank you

  By Tushar Gaikwad 04 Feb 2017

Thank you for guidance.

  By Rishav Verma 02 Feb 2017

Nice talking to Acharya SS Joshi ji he cleared my doubts and gave valuable suggestions.

  By Gajanan Kamat 18 Jan 2017

Excellent! Very precise!

  By Debaprasad Dutta 14 Jan 2017

Very friendly, to the point....

  By 22 Dec 2016

  By Sandeep Misra 21 Dec 2016

Very good astrologer

  By Geetha S 19 Dec 2016

Very very haapy and satisfied.really excellent.thank u so much

  By Mahesh 17 Dec 2016

I'm extremely satisfied talking with Acharya Shanti Guruji. He clears all my doubts with patience and very happy with discussion.

  By priyanshi sahu 08 Dec 2016

His predictions are vry accurate.

  By Dr rahul chavan 21 Nov 2016

  By Roli Pandey 19 Nov 2016

  By jabeena 09 Nov 2016


  By Ruchira shukla 03 Nov 2016

Very very patient and detailed. Extremely accurate and in depth analysis. Most importantly he is very frank and honest during the consultation. The discussions with him have been really helpful. Highly recommended.

  By priyanshi sahu 02 Oct 2016


  By Prerana 09 Sep 2016

Good explanation & suggested simple remedy

  By annuja koul 30 Aug 2016

Thank you acharya ji. Your advice gave me somehow peace of mind.

  By ashwini vashisht 29 Aug 2016

great guidance and insights

  By Deveshri 09 Aug 2016

Joshiji seems to be quiet knowledgeable and he not just quietly listens to the problem but also examines the birth chart in great detail and suggests remedies if needed.

  By Kapil Chandramohan Maheshwari 26 Jul 2016


  By Kapil Chandramohan Maheshwari 19 Jul 2016

Very accurate and will be calling him again and again

  By Kapil Chandramohan Maheshwari 19 Jul 2016

Very knowledgeable

  By NEHA RAI 11 Jul 2016

Thank you so much Sir, ur AWESOME.

  By srinivas senapathy 29 Jun 2016

He is a learned person. Specially, most beneficial for CAREER and JOB related queries. He even knows about Software Programming Languages and All. So, please be guided by him if you are having any Career related Struggle. He knows other areas except career as well.

  By shaila 29 Jun 2016

I don't have words to express about Acharya S.S.Joshiji, such a nice person all the time helping me in my difficult time.

  By Rakesh Kaushik 26 Jun 2016

soothing impact

  By Neeraj Chibber 20 Jun 2016

it was a very awesome experience

  By Ameet k dedhiaa 16 Jun 2016

Very humble and patience way he heard my probs n guided me accordingly

  By amit singh 19 May 2016


  By dakshesh patel 17 May 2016

very good

  By Ambrish Tiwari 27 Apr 2016

Good one...feel satisfied

  By Tanvi 03 Apr 2016

very helpful and nice suggestion given

  By ankesh saxena 21 Mar 2016


  By Kamaljeet 10 Feb 2016

The interaction with pandit Ss Joshi was wonderful and awesome. Thanks.

  By thilaka 04 Feb 2016

In the first place his call came as a surprise, as I have always been inquisitve to see who this Acharyaji is , how he looks like. One best thing to share about him is he is very sincere and honest in his commitments, of all the astrologers that i have met sofar in my life. He is very courteous and polite in his approach with the customers. He treats them with due respect and talks to them pa


Very Good Communications and discussions

  By Mahesh Teli 28 Jan 2016

Good.I will give confirmed opinion after implementing his advice and getting desired results

  By samiya 23 Nov 2015

Thank u

  By santhoshini 20 Nov 2015

Superb.Good Prediction about you future.Good advices about future.

  By SUKH DEO AGARWAL 09 Jan 2016

Fully satisfied.

  By santhoshini 27 Oct 2015


  By Manjari Badgujar 19 Nov 2015

Acharya SS Joshiji is very calm and patient and listens to even your silliest query,and comes up with a feasible solution. I would highly recommend to seek his guidance.

  By santhoshini 20 Nov 2015

Excellent.He clears all your doubts with patience.Professional predictions came true for me.Hopeful my marriage predictions will come true.

  By santhoshini 20 Nov 2015


  By santhoshini 20 Nov 2015

Superb.Good Prediction about you future.Good advices about future.

  By shobha 31 Jul 2015

Guruji analysis each and every position of the planet to the deepest and informs us about the good and bad that is likely to happen in a very short time. His small tips are worth following as they certainly bring good results.