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Sri Alokesh Chaudhuri Shastri
Vedic Astrology, Vastu & Others
Offline ₹ 40 Per Min

Sri Alokesh Chaudhuri Shastri

Sri Alokesh Shastri(KP Astrologer) Jyotish BidyaBhusan, jyotish BidyaVishard & Fellowship in KP Jyotish Arnav Shastri, Vastu Ratna , Life Member of Krishna Murty Institute of astrology and world Astrologer society. He has total experience of 17 years in Astrology Services. He has completed B.Sc (Hons.) from the University of Calcutta, Degree (1st class) in Exterior- Interior Designing. (From EX-IN PRIVATE LIMITED AND JENSON & NECHELSON, Kolkata.) Area of Specialization KP Astrology,Vaastu, Medical Astrology, Marriage & Married life, Child birth & Education, Financial matters, Earning, Career, Foreign Travel, Business success, Professional success, Divorce, second marriage, Award Winning, and success as Celebrity. Political victory and all related problems.

Time Availability : MONDAY,WEDNESDAY,FRIDAY,SATURDAY & SUNDAY FROM 11:30AM TO 2:00PM,5:00PM TO 9:00PM, 10:00PM TO12:00PM

Language : Hindi,English,Bengali

Location : Kolkata

Rate & Review
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  By subrata 05 Jan 2018

Good suggestion with perfect prediction

  By Pritam Sahu 29 Dec 2017

Good astrologer and keen to listen

  By indu 24 Dec 2017

Very nice

  By niladri mandal 25 Dec 2017

  By RITUPARNA DUTTA 20 Dec 2017

Its been a great pleasure talking to you sir.will follow the remedies suggested by you.really nice,effective and practical suggestions...

  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 20 Dec 2017

Good consulting, satisfied.

  By subrata 21 Dec 2017

It was very helpful advise for my career and future life.

  By Vijay Pal Singh 12 Dec 2017

Good advice and logical solution was given. I am happy with his consulting.

  By Vijay Pal Singh 12 Dec 2017

  By Mas 11 Dec 2017


  By Saurav Sen 03 Nov 2017

Very personalised and accurate predictions. Immensely satisfying...!

  By sukant mong 17 Nov 2017

Accurate and too the point

  By Ritesh Dhoot 03 Dec 2017

Very good astrologer with accurate remedy that attacks the root cause of the problem. All in 15 mins. Boom. - Ritesh

  By SURESH RANADE 29 Nov 2017


  By anuradha 12 Nov 2017

More than seeing my horoscope, he gave me confidence. He showed me positive side of my situation. He told me remedies including pooja and stones. Also he gave accurate prediction. I would refer him to other people.

  By sabya 27 Oct 2017


  By Asf 30 Aug 2017

Clear explanation

  By Nishant Mehta 28 Jul 2017

Good advice,very good insight into vedic astrology.

  By Pooja 22 Jul 2017

Knowledgeable and clear. Good

  By anuradha 28 Jun 2017

He provides clear details without any manipulation. Also remedies and how to do them.

  By 04 Jun 2017

Dada you r Very knowledgeable .given clarity on horoscope

  By 05 Jun 2017

Dada you r Very knowledgeable .given clarity on horoscope

  By Satyajeet 19 May 2017

Gave predictions in detail

  By Ankur singh 07 May 2017

Very helpful and precise

  By Sonal Bachhav 07 May 2017


  By Nilanjan Banerjee 09 May 2017

Very good

  By sanjay sablok 10 May 2017

Nice explanation & suggestions.

  By Nilanjan Banerjee 10 May 2017

Very good astrologer Am from Chandigarh and I find Achraya Sastri he is very good in his prediction.

  By Malini 28 Apr 2017

He has a very positive approach.listens to queries and helps with suggestions.nice talking to him

  By Shreya Tripathi 25 Apr 2017

Dear Astroyogi,I had a very fruitful session with Shri. Alokesh ji. I thank you for showing me positive way out to my problem. The remedy and simplified way to approach the issue was very ecouraging. Would also thank astroyogi for renedering services of this kind. Will definately get back in future too.

  By Shreya Tripathi 23 Apr 2017

Dear Sir, I had a very practical session and very soon will get the remedies done for best result. I thank you for your guidance and hope you keep showering blessings on people by showing them a right way. I thank Astro yogi for their services and helping us get in touch with best of experts who are very logical in their approach and help people like us to deal with problems and issues positively.

  By Robert Malik 19 Apr 2017

very good

  By rohit kanwat 12 Apr 2017

very practical approach with the practical remedies , logically solving the problems and his predictions are accurate and perfect. I would recommend him to others so do they get proper guidance.

  By Indranath Banerjee 28 Mar 2017

Very objective and focussed communication

  By Rahul 01 Feb 2017

apt, honest, straight forward answers and practical remedies. Highly recommended.

  By Anupama Goyal 06 Jan 2017

Nice consultation. Will follow his advice.

  By A. CHAUDHURI. 16 Dec 2016

As he predict through kp system of astrology which i believe more,so i think he can solve all problems if anybody stay with confidence on line& hear upto end, he will be gainer.He has a strong spiritual power also BY WHICH HE CAN SOLVE SEVERE PROBLEM ALSO BY MEDITATION. HE HAS INBUILT GREAT QUALITIES.I RESPECT HIM.

  By shroddha 02 Nov 2016

His prediction & remedy is very perfect and accurate.

  By Gargi Sanu 20 Oct 2016

He does not seem to have 30 years exp