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Ranjana Puri
Vedic Astrology, Numerology & Vastu
Offline ₹ 30 Per Min

Ranjana Puri

Acharya Ranjana puri is a renowned Vedic astrologer. She completed her Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi under the guidance of Shri K. N. Rao. Having 5 years of experience, She is expert in Vedic Astrology, Lalkitab,Kundli milan, Vastu, Angel Readings, Switch words and Counselling. And her prediction is very accurate and her remedies are also very helpful. She deals with the problems like : career, love , relationships , partnerships, business health problems.Her focus is to help people with all her knowledge and strength.

Time Availability : 11am to 5pm and 8pm to 1am

Language : Hindi,Others

Location : Delhi

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  By 09 Feb 2018

  By vikas rana 05 Feb 2018

she have good knowledge of astrology . Glad to talk with her.

  By Sandeep Singh 03 Feb 2018

She is like my family member Every work done accoding to her guidence Very knowledgeable very supportive Love you mam

  By Manish Kumar 31 Jan 2018

Accurate prediction

  By Manish Kumar 31 Jan 2018

Accurate prediction

  By 21 Jan 2018

Great Astrologer and gave sound advice.

  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 13 Jan 2018


  By latika fulani 08 Jan 2018

Good remedies

  By om meena 07 Jan 2018


  By sonali 05 Jan 2018

  By sonali 05 Jan 2018

  By 02 Jan 2018

  By sonali 04 Jan 2018

  By sonali 25 Dec 2017

  By Raj Klair 01 Jan 2018

Extremely understanding, polite and helpful.

  By sonali 28 Dec 2017

  By sonali 26 Dec 2017

  By sonali 25 Dec 2017

  By sonali 23 Dec 2017

  By Prem Baboo 20 Dec 2017

Very clear voice.Nice experience. logical answers. Thank you so much mam.

  By Prem Baboo 20 Dec 2017

  By sonali 18 Dec 2017

  By sonali 15 Dec 2017

  By 08 Dec 2017

  By sonali 02 Nov 2017

  By sonali 03 Nov 2017

  By 03 Nov 2017

  By sonali 04 Nov 2017

  By 05 Nov 2017

  By sonali 09 Nov 2017

  By garima 14 Nov 2017

Very accurate predictions. The remedies provided by her are easy and very effective.

  By sonali 15 Nov 2017

  By sonali 15 Nov 2017

  By sonali 17 Nov 2017

  By garima 20 Nov 2017

Very accurate predictions. Remedies given by her are easy and immensely effective.

  By Sandeep Singh 04 Dec 2017

Best astrologers I had ever seen . Very accurate very friendly like our family member.

  By sonali 03 Dec 2017

  By garima 27 Nov 2017

Very accurate predictions. Remedies given by her are easy and immensely effective. Highly recommended.

  By sonali 28 Nov 2017

  By sonali 30 Nov 2017

  By sonali 01 Dec 2017

  By sonali 27 Nov 2017

  By sonali 27 Nov 2017

  By sonali 10 Nov 2017

  By Naveen Chaluvadi 12 Nov 2017

She was helpful in explaining the situation, hope her guidance helps

  By sonali 12 Nov 2017

  By sonali 13 Nov 2017

  By sonali 14 Nov 2017


  By sonali 10 Nov 2017

  By sonali 06 Nov 2017

  By sonali 07 Nov 2017

  By sonali 01 Nov 2017

  By sonali 02 Nov 2017

  By Satya Prakash Singh 04 Oct 2017

Nice talking to her...thank you

  By sonali 12 Oct 2017

  By sonali 12 Oct 2017

  By Madhu 13 Oct 2017

  By sonali 14 Oct 2017

  By sonali 14 Oct 2017

  By Surajit Baruah 30 Oct 2017

Obliged to talk with her, she is quite experienced in the field of astrology. She describe in such a simple way that everyone can understand about astrology. Hope her prediction come true.

  By sonali 31 Oct 2017

  By sonali 29 Oct 2017

  By sonali 22 Oct 2017

  By sonali 28 Oct 2017

  By sonali 18 Oct 2017

  By 09 Oct 2017


  By DEEPAK 09 Sep 2017

Very knowledgeable

  By Sandeep Trivedi 20 Jul 2017

Very informative and accurate predictions.

  By Jeetendra 03 Sep 2017

Ranjana madam has Incredible knowledge in Astrology. Very well versed in reading all types of kundlis. Astroler with very good skill of understanding problems and providing astrological solutions with simple and effective todo's of remedies. She is Very friendly in nature. I am glad to have guidelines from Ranjana Madam. Thank you so much.

  By Deepa Jain 20 Jul 2017

Her knowledge is incredible. This reading gave me a thorough understanding of my circumstances and I’m happy to report that everything she spoke of has come to pass or is currently unfolding. I would recommend consult with her once. She would be my go-to guides for astrology. I check in future for her guidance and support. I’m to have her in my speed dial.

  By 29 Aug 2017

She is extremely good and she suggests easy remedies and she is very inspirational

  By Rajinder Kaur Aasi 06 Aug 2017

Felt nice talking to her.. I got to know how my planetary movements are affecting my life, future predictions and remedies for a happy life ahead. She is so good

  By 19 Aug 2017

Thank you so much.

  By Sagar Telang 21 Aug 2017

Thank you Ranjana ma'am. I am glad that I chose you. You have been a great help.

  By Rajinder Kaur Aasi 06 Aug 2017

She is very caring and so positive that you really feel good talking to her. She listens everything patiently and accordingly provide easy remedies. She is knowlegable and amazing.

  By Shabnam zaman 06 Aug 2017

I am fully satisfied....

  By prajot 02 Aug 2017


  By Sandeep Singh 26 Jul 2017

Ranjana mam you are the best astrologer I had ever meet , very clear , very accurate and treat like family. Thanks to astroyogi

  By Deepa Jain 20 Jul 2017

I had consulted many astrologers over the phone/in person/Chat, my parents have also consulted some. It seems all were like making fool to fill their pockets. We were never satisfied with anyone, then at last I had contacted Ranjana mam through AstroYogi, she is very clear while reading horoscope and planets positions her predictions are very accurate with easy home remedies.

  By Shabnam zaman 18 Jul 2017

I am very satisfied after talking to her.. It was excellent communication.. I am feeling much relieved.

  By Utsav Midha 19 Jul 2017

Amazing and accurate.. Detailed astrology.

  By Aashima Ekka 19 Jul 2017

Ranjana mam is really good. Very practical with the approach. She resolves and each and every query very patiently. Provides easy remedies .

  By Shabnam Zaman 18 Jul 2017

She’s totally unbelievable her prediction is so accurate And her remedies are so easy. The way she handle her client is also amazing she is very good counsellor also. Her performance is also 5 star I’m very satisfied and she is very helpful Thankyou Ranjana mam

  By Shabnam Zaman 12 Jul 2017

Very good predection thnx astroyogi

  By Ashok kumar 06 Jul 2017

Nice n detailed interaction . Gave remedies to the problem.

  By Sswati 06 Jul 2017

nice and straight forward approach

  By Sandeep Singh 06 Jul 2017

Ranjana mam have very gud knowledge of astro. I was talking many astro person in astroyogi but ranjana mam is great I have also knowledge of astro but ranjana mam is best

  By Shabnam Zaman 02 Jun 2017

Very helpful Best astrologer at astroyogi Very accurate prediction Easy remedies

  By Ujjawal 10 Jun 2017

That's great

  By ARPAN GHOSH 27 May 2017

Very accurate prediction and she suggests effective, very easy to do remedies which helps a lot in overcoming obstacles and challenges.

  By sushil kumar mishra 25 May 2017

Has good knowledge, however; Needs to look at Kundali comprehensively; she sees one aspect and starts commenting and then corrects herself time and again.Could do better by being a bit more positive, too.

  By Shabnam Zaman 24 May 2017

Satisfied And very very helpful