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Acharya Ramakant
Vedic Astrology & Vastu
Offline ₹ 20 Per Min

Acharya Ramakant

With having 8 years of vast experience in the field of Jyotisham and Vastu, Acharya Ramakant Pandit ji became on of the famous Jyotish Acharya in northern region of India. His in born talent for jyotihsm has urged him to learn more authontically on Indian Astrology. Further to his batchelors degree on astrology from Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, he has done his masters degree from the same institute. People from all walks of life visit him personally and get his precious advice on their family, financial, health and business issues. He is specialized in Horoscope reading, vastu and Indian astrology.

Time Availability : 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, All Days

Language : Hindi

Location : Delhi

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  By saurabh chawla 25 Apr 2017


  By Prashant 27 Feb 2017

Precise and accurate predictions. It was an amazing experience. Please don't go by general notion that more a person charges better astrologer he/she is. Acharya Ji is very talented, I must say

  By Mansi Mehra 18 Mar 2017

He analyzes well and provides guidance to find solutions to the problem. He gives good advice.

  By Mansi Mehra 18 Mar 2017

He analyzes well and provides guidance to find solutions to the problem. He gives good advice.

  By Manjit Kumar 24 Mar 2017

Acharya Ramakant is too much good

  By Praveen shukla 26 Mar 2017

Best astrologer

  By Shraddha Khandare 29 Mar 2017

It was a great experience talking to you Archarya Ji. Will surely do the things you suggested me to do.

  By rajpreet 29 Mar 2017

It was nice session.

  By Ashish K Sharma 31 Mar 2017

Gives excellent guidance based on true knowledge.

  By Vidhi sharma 31 Mar 2017


  By Devisha Pareek 01 Apr 2017

it was a nice experience

  By Bhawana 06 Apr 2017


  By Shraddha Khandare 13 Apr 2017

Excellent guidance

  By Prabhu k 16 Apr 2017

Very good guidance. Explained very well and very accurate

  By Amay 18 Apr 2017

Nice advice and guidance

  By Raju Bhatt 21 Mar 2017

Always get accurate predictions and guidance.

  By Raju Bhatt 21 Mar 2017

Excellent guidance.

  By Pravin Ambardekar 13 Mar 2017

Excellent guidance

  By ashish 13 Mar 2017


  By ankur mathur 15 Mar 2017

Good experience

  By Pravin Ambardekar 11 Mar 2017

It was wonderful experience

  By Kumar Abhishek 08 Mar 2017

Acharya Ramakant was very helpful and insightful in his analysis of my kundli. Gave precise suggestions on what to do and what not to do . Thank you!

  By ABHIJIT PADHY 06 Mar 2017

Speaking to Acharya Ramakant ji gave me so much clarity. I am glad I spoke to him. He understands problem And gave good suggestion to me.Thank you

  By narendra kumar 06 Mar 2017

Acharya Ramakant ji is having very predictions and talks to the point.I will certainley going to be in touch with you in future. regards,Narendra Kumar

  By Rahul 06 Mar 2017

Correct predictions. Very honest and positive experience. Highly Recommended.

  By Aparna Padhy 03 Mar 2017

"Acharya Ramakant is really very knowledgeable. I will certainly consult him in future as well.

  By Garaga srividya 03 Mar 2017

I learned a lot from him, hope it all works. Thank you sir

  By Anupama Goyal 03 Mar 2017

He helped me wholeheartedly through darkest moments of my life. I did not get desired results but I sincerely thank him for everything.

  By priyanshi sahu 02 Mar 2017

Whatever remidies Acharya Ji told me I trying and they are very effective.

  By 28 Feb 2017

Accurate and good advice

  By Prashant 28 Feb 2017

Good command over Astrology

  By Juhi Sharma 15 Feb 2017

Nice experience and different solutions were also given by him. Will do those and try to calm the planets

  By vijeta 04 Feb 2017

very accurate prediction,though by mistake from my side i gave wrong data,but he is so accurate he corrected from his experience & gave me a good look at my future,clearing my mind,i thank him a lot for his prediction.

  By probal 03 Feb 2017

i would like to further consult with pandit ji regarding finance career of mine as well as my daughter

  By chirag 03 Feb 2017

Good advice thanks

  By priyanshi sahu 28 Jan 2017

It was good session

  By HITENDRA SAIKIA 28 Jan 2017

Extremely helpful, clear views, very happy to talk to him.Acharya ji...thanks

  By MUNISH WALIA 28 Jan 2017

Very polite, talk to the point, clear views, very happy to talk to him.

  By taponeel 20 Jan 2017

Wonderful person and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Acharya Ramakant!

  By Noor Ghei 18 Jan 2017

He is excellent in his readings and very polite and helpful he really helped me a lot

  By Pranab Paul 06 Jan 2017

Feel good factor for upcoming favorable prediction, awaiting for good news.

  By Kirti mutreja 04 Jan 2017

Very knowledgeable patient and a learned professional.

  By Ipsita panda 02 Jan 2017

Was very warm, friendly yet purposeful.. Cleared by doubts and provided with doable solutions.

  By satyendra 28 Dec 2016

Very humble & polite person.

  By Kirti mutreja 20 Dec 2016

Very warm friendly yet professional.awaiting the predictions to come to

  By Chirag Madan 06 Dec 2016


  By namrata 06 Dec 2016

Very nice.

  By SALIM PANJWANI 16 Nov 2016

  By yatish keshri 29 Sep 2016

  By Ashwini Thakur 08 Oct 2016

  By namrata 25 Sep 2016

  By namrata 22 Sep 2016

  By namrata 24 Sep 2016

  By Animesh Dey 02 Nov 2016

Nice and good

  By abhijeet 05 Nov 2016

Felt very good after talking to him.Very humble & polite person. Listen to the queries patiently.

  By mohan 19 Oct 2016


  By deepshikha 18 Oct 2016

Very nice forecast given by Acharya ji...thanks

  By Heena Hotwani 17 Oct 2016

Good experience as acharya ji is a qualified and experienced astrologer.

  By Sourav Nath 13 Oct 2016

He knows very well about Astrology and Planets position. He is the first astrologer I have seen so far on Astroyogi , who equally analyzes your Natal chart and Solar return Chart(Year Chart) . He will predict like your Lord of Job in natal chart is very good and same in your year Chart. Saturn is in 10th lace on your natal chart and holds a good position in Varsha kundali . Hence this year is very

  By anil 07 Oct 2016

Thank you for giving me your valuable time

  By lokanshuman Singh 07 Oct 2016

very energetic and very accurate , talks to the point .

  By Chetan 05 Oct 2016

Good experience.Seems Knowledgable. Will try to implement his suggestions to see the solution/result

  By Nishant Mehta 27 Sep 2016

Good knowledge on configuration of planets and it's influence on individual..

  By Aditya Saran 28 Sep 2016

It was great and let's see how good is the prediction.let's hope for the best.

  By sukhjinderjit kaur bal 25 Sep 2016

He has cleared many of my doubts. He is good if anybody wants to consult him can trust him and all the answers they want.

  By Rajan 17 Sep 2016

It was a great experience talking with Acharya Ramakant, would like to talk to him again, very shortly as Acharyaji is very learned and have indepth knowledge of vedic astrology.

  By Nilesh Roy Roy 08 Sep 2016


  By Divit Parihar 07 Sep 2016

True reading

  By PREM KUMAR TIWARI 26 Aug 2016

Very good and to the point prediction. Acharya ramakantji has deep knowledge of astrology.recomended for all.Thanks

  By anjali lele 06 Aug 2016

Very nice forecast given by Ramakantji...thanks

  By Ravi Kumar Chillarigi 27 Jan 2016

Good Astrologer

  By Jaspreet Kaur 23 Oct 2015