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Pravin Jani

Vedic Astrology

Pravin Jani
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I am Pravin Jani from Mumbai. I am a Brahmin by birth and always had curiosity and interest in occult arts and devolutionary sciences. My area of specializations are Horoscope reading & Analysis, Kundli marching/ Match Making and Signature Reading. I have more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer. On basis of that, I have even designed courses and books in Astrology which are easy, interesting for astrology enthusiasts. For me, Astrology has always been a subject of debate. I don't agree with all the conventional practices and customs prevailing in Vedic astrology. Most of us have this question in mind, what is astrology? Is it true? Is there any logic or science behind Astrology? I found my answers after pursuing my official education in the stream of Astrology. In1978 I acquired the degree of JYOTIR-VIDH, JYOTIR –GYATA, JYOTIR –BHUSHAN (Palmistry course), and another course in K.P Astrology from BHARTIYA VIDHYAPITH.

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