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Acharya Dwivedi
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Acharya Dwivedi

R L Dwivedi has been awarded Scholarship for the year 2012 for India by the Robin Armstrong School of Astrology (Toronto Canada) for advance studies in astrology.He has a Master’s degree in Economics and is a retired senior officer from the cadre of the Indian Economics Services. He passed his Jyotish Visharad in 1989. He was also a faculty member of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and has conducted classes which were held by the Indian Council of Astrological sciences. Presently, he is a teacher of astrology and palmistry. He has been conferred the titles of Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish Bhushan, and recently Jyotish Bhanu by the Indian council of Astrological sciences, Chennai for his contribution in the field of Vedic Astrology. He has published his work on Palmistry and believes that this occult science has helped him understand problems and provide easy to do remedies to his clients. In the last 20 years Acharya Dwivedi has done thousands of Horoscope readings and consultations.

Time Availability : Monday - Friday from 11:00AM to 1:00PM and 4:00PM to 9:00PM and Saturday -Sunday 10:00AM to 1:00PM

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Delhi

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  By Bhavesh Kumar 05 Jan 2018

  By 05 Jan 2018

  By 05 Jan 2018

  By neha sharma 26 Dec 2017

  By 30 Dec 2017


Very suggestable and my favourite on astroyogi

  By Bhavesh Kumar 11 Dec 2017

  By 11 Dec 2017

  By manish bansal 18 Nov 2017

Comprehensive and to the point.

  By 25 Nov 2017

  By Parag Deb 02 Dec 2017

Sir was very clear in his explanation. He suggested ways to improve my future outlook. Thanks a lot.

  By Ayan 03 Dec 2017


Excellent Person ........

  By pooja 09 Nov 2017

  By Ananda Chattopadhyay 12 Nov 2017

  By 13 Nov 2017

  By abhay 06 Nov 2017

Thank you very much for your guidance Sir.

  By Shreedhar Mani Tripathi 04 Nov 2017

He has knowledge of the subject and very keenly explains everything

  By aayushi mehta 29 Sep 2017

very good experience talking with ACHARYA dwivedi

  By santosh kumar 01 Oct 2017

thanks you lot

  By Biswajyoti Das 03 Oct 2017

Consistent, good astrologer. Hoping his predictions happen soon.

  By 11 Oct 2017

  By Meghana Raj 12 Oct 2017

Very nice to talk to him and pleased with his advice

  By Veena B N 17 Oct 2017

Excellent prediction by guruji.very pleased .

  By 26 Oct 2017

  By Reena 26 Oct 2017

  By Soumya Basu 09 Oct 2017

It was nice talking to Acharya Dwivedi ji.Got the advice I needed.

  By 06 Oct 2017

Ultimate guidance by Acharya ji.

  By Devin 18 Sep 2017

Thanks Guruji!!

  By naresh ochani 13 Sep 2017

He is very good in astrology knowledge.

  By Pooja 14 Sep 2017

Very good

  By 05 Sep 2017

Excellent advice

  By naresh ochani 05 Sep 2017

It was great experience and he guided me firmly about certain things considering my horoscope.

  By Comic rohan 04 Sep 2017

I consulted Acharya ji as I was not satisfied with my current role in my job. Acharya ji told me that in first week of September you will get a great opportunity and I got the same. I'm very happy. Thanks Acharya ji for your Predictions ~Rohan

  By Bidisha Das 30 Aug 2017


  By Aiswarya lakshmi 04 Aug 2017

He is so knowledgeable and efficient.I felt so relieved talking to him and he answered to all my questions with a lot of patience. I will call me in the future too ...

  By 12 Aug 2017

The essence of astrology is prediction, preventing mishaps and changing the unfavourable planetary influences. Acharya Dwivedi having all the qualities. I am big fan of Dwivedi Ji.

  By dimple 16 Aug 2017

Pandit ji ne positive solution diya

  By Hari Chhetry 09 Aug 2017

Very understanding and calm reader

  By Dr Gurpreet arora 31 Jul 2017

Thanx for prediction

  By Saratchandra Shrivastava 26 Jul 2017


  By Reena 20 Jul 2017

Predictions sounded accurate and worth believing.

  By dibyaranjan 20 Jul 2017


  By gopeshwar diwan 18 Jul 2017


  By Ankur Mishra 17 Jul 2017

Excellent advice by guru ji Guru ji thanks

  By haripriya shah 12 Jul 2017

It was very soothing and satisfying. Hope it helps me making my life better.

  By Arohan Mathur 24 Jun 2017


  By HIMANSHU 22 Jun 2017


  By HIMANSHU 22 Jun 2017


  By amit singh 21 Jun 2017

It was nice to talk to you 'Sir'. You were very polite and calm over the phone.I got satisfied answer. I got nice waiting for result...will come back to you soon sir

  By pooja 20 Jun 2017

it was very nice to talk to him but i had less money in my account so my call disconnect before he could tell me more relevant things..

  By Meghal Shah 02 Jun 2017

Very good experience...

  By Meghal Shah 02 Jun 2017

Very good experience and satisfied answer

  By 02 Jun 2017

When Acharya Ji is Cool mood he predictions are wonderful , gives true guidance.You are great sir.

  By Prakhar Saigal 29 May 2017

Very knowledgeble and generous....

  By Meghal Shah 07 Jun 2017

Very good experience and satisfied answer and guidance

  By Meghal Shah 07 Jun 2017

Very good experience and satisfied answer and guidance

  By Comic rohan 09 Jun 2017

I always consult Dwivedi ji. All explanation are very logical. You will feel satisfied post consultation with him.

  By ANKITA 26 May 2017

very helpful

  By Tanushree Saha 22 May 2017

very genuine and was nice talking to you.i wish i could talk more.thank you.

  By SUDHANSU KUMAR 08 May 2017

Very polite acharya ji.. Liked to talk.. Told everything in detail.. He has 27 years of experience and that's the best thing.

  By Balwant Kulkarni 03 May 2017


  By Pooja 01 May 2017

Advice me on some important things waiting for the result and hoping for the best

  By arpit 28 Mar 2017

he was in hurry .He was only bothered of time.

  By Bhawana 31 Mar 2017

It is a good experience talking to him. He is a polite speaker. To give more feedback on him, I have to wait for few months as the answer to my query would materialise only after few months as per his prediction. So, right now I can't comment anything on him.

  By Alok Kumar Tripathi 12 Apr 2017

The best

  By Bhawana 02 Apr 2017


  By Gargi Kulkarni 27 Mar 2017

It was very enlightening and Acharya Dwivedi was very polite. He communicated very well in the short time span and was very helpful. I am very thankful for it.

  By soniya rathi 21 Mar 2017


  By Jaydeep joshi 21 Mar 2017

He is good as always


Excellent interface. He is thorough. I will call him again soon !!!

  By Garaga srividya 24 Feb 2017

he was nice and cordial i wish to speak to him again

  By Rahul 16 Feb 2017

correct predictions. apt, honest , logical approach towards problem solving. highly recommended.

  By Jaydeep joshi 10 Feb 2017

Acharya dwivedi ji is a very good astrologer he guides us very well and he also examined my horoscope in very detail. I am pleased to have a talk with him and I will also talk with him in the near future.

  By 08 Feb 2017

It was a wonderful experience speaking with Mr. Dwivedi. He is very knowledgeable and he gave me good advise. Will speak with him again in near future.

  By 19 Jan 2017

Very accurate predictions by Acharya Ji. Always get benefited by his valuable advice.

  By REYANSH PRAMODH 18 Jan 2017

Astrologer Dwivedi is an excellent combination of good astrologer , advisor ,guide & he possesses superior human values . God bless him

  By Bhumika 16 Dec 2016

Good experience

  By Anju P 01 Dec 2016

Very polite and helpful. Thank You

  By Ritesh 25 Sep 2016

It was okkk...but not as expected from me...need more detailsss...and guidance..but anyway its good..

  By Ruchira shukla 18 Nov 2016

spoke about everything under the sun but did not answer my questions !

  By Jagadeesh Rao 20 Nov 2016

very good prediction

  By namrata 29 Sep 2016

  By namrata 29 Sep 2016

  By Sswati 03 Nov 2016


  By Sarah Ahmed 03 Nov 2016

gud experiance

  By REYANSH PRAMODH 26 Aug 2016

Dwivedi Ji is a highly learned Astrologer who answered & clarified the questions with confidence & ability . He also advised Parihar at home by local North Indian Pujari . May Govinda bless him .Extremely satisfied & will call him again for guidance Regards Rupak Choudhurie

  By aayushi mehta 27 Jul 2016

good experience.

  By Rajeev KC 10 Mar 2016

Accurate predictions of the past and felt good speaking to Acharya Dwivedi

  By Ravi Kumar Chillarigi 26 Feb 2016

Good and great astrologer...

  By Shagun 16 Oct 2015


  By Nayan Pandya 28 Sep 2015

Thank you Acharayaji. It was good session, provided good insights for my situation. Will talk to him again.

  By Jayasri Kovvali 06 Jul 2015

Waste of money. The astrologer was available in the night but refused to talk .. Asked to speak in the morning .