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About Me

Astro  Vivek is a knowledgeable and experienced Astrologer with more than 10 years of expertise in Vedic Astrology, Prashan Shastra and Kundli. He also has a deep knowledge of Swapna Shastra (Dream Astrology) and Shakun Shastra. He was born in a traditional Brahman family from Madhya Pradesh. He holds a master’s degree in Vedic Astrology and has also done a diploma in astrology from a highly reputed institution for astrological science. During his studies, he travelled to many cities and has gained lots of experiences during that time by interacting with people and understanding them. He also has a wide range of knowledge of classical astrology books like Brihad Parashar, Hora Shastra, Fal Deepika, etc. 

Astro Vivek is a very straightforward kind of person, and he believes in speaking the truth. The solutions he provides have proved to be very beneficial. Most of the time, his predictions are accurate and on point. His area of expertise includes marriage & children, love & relationships, jobs & careers, finance, education, etc. He uses his scientific approach, including interpretation with Desh, Kal, Patra, to provide an accurate description of past, present, and future.