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Astro Vijaya

Astro Vijaya


Vedic, Vastu

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About Me

Astro Vijaya, is an expert in Vedic astrology, Numerology and Nadi astrology, she is incredibly blessed as growing up, she saw the elders of her house helping people and keeping faith even when things were really difficult. She came across many hurdles in life since childhood, and being keen about analysing situations, she always found means to justify uncalled events and keep her calm with a never give up attitude. Her interest in reading zodiac horoscopes and astrology was since childhood, but only after having started her career did she delve deep into astrology. Struggles, adversities and always a keenness to be clear about the future led her into this field. With her Guru's blessings and support of friends, she set foot in this line so that she could help others understand and act in the face of adverse situations. She believes that to speak to someone and give them faith and hope, along with knowledge of future possibilities can bring immense relief during troubling times. She has been into this field for 16 years now and has had the fortune that friends and relatives have trusted her consultation in context to anxieties and problems. She believes in performing simple remedies that can help other people because it is due to the issues that we face that we are asked to perform remedies such as donations, feeding the animals, birds so that some way or the other we take care of mother earth and its inhabitants.