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Dr Vashishth

Dr Vashishth


Vedic, Prashna

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About Me

Dr. Vashishth is a Vedic astrologer who has been practising astrology for the last 15 years. Since his childhood he was fascinated with the subject of astrology and Vedas. He holds the degree of Shastri Acharya and a special course in Yoga and Naturopathy.  His aim is to solve the problem of people who come to him and provide them the right information after deeply analyzing their kundali and planetary aspects. His astrological knowledge has helped many people to solve their problems with effective results.  He offers suggestions on various aspects of life like career, marriage, love, personal problems and health, economic matters, etc. He is a firm believer in this science and feels that astrology is the best mirror of life. He aims to use his knowledge for the betterment of his clients.