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Tarot Urja

Tarot Urja



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About Me

Tarot Urja believes that a Tarot reading can provide much more than just a predictive reading. She recommends using the Tarot to understand the layers within a situation, in addition to seeking clarity and guidance. Tarot Urja has been a Tarot reader for 5 years. She connects with clients on many levels, quickly grasps their emotions, and is non-judgmental and kind. She patiently listens to the clients and helps them see the big picture and gain a new perspective throughout the session. This enables them to make conscious decisions that are in their best interests.

Tarot Urja is pleased when, at the end of the reading, the clients feel uplifted, empowered within themselves, and, most importantly, at peace in the midst of a difficult phase. She is also a Mental Wellness Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Chakras Healer. These not only assist her clients in finding their way through the situation, but also in their journey of personal growth.