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About Me

I am Astro. Umasankari  from Madurai, Tamilnadu. I worked at All India Radio since 10years, FM Radio & TV since 5 years. At that time I read a lot of different books and did research on Siddhas. I interviewed some of the best Astrologers. It was then that astrology was to say the Benefits of Astronomy. Realizing this, I quit my job and began to study and study astrology in its entirely. I completed my M.Sc Astrology at Coimbatore Karpagam University. My spiritual guru in the field of Astrology, Madurai keezhavalavu Subramaniam sir. I have learned various Astrological methods like Vedic Astrology, Aaroodam, Choli Prasannam and Expertise in fortune tellers. I deeply analyze and advice remedies to all the problems. Like, Get rid of the marriage, Child privilege available, Get rid of debt trouble, Get a Job, Professionalism, To get Own home vehicle, To get Rich and so on. Astrology is not fantasy but Calculation. Every person should know about his supporting planet and star. Some of these things can be accomplished by thinking. May the Joy of peace be increased