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Tarot Trinethra

Tarot Trinethra

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About Me

Hello! I am a professional Tarot Reader with over four years of experience. "Tarot is the truth that you don’t even dare to tell yourself." - That’s how my journey began. When I was young, I used to get a solid sense of whatever good or bad was happening. I could sense people how they were; hence, I was making friends and haven’t given incorrect intuition until now. My intuition is my greatest asset, and the tarot is the most powerful of all processes. I became more interested in numerology and astrology as I trusted my intuition. With determination, I began pursuing the same goal and began assisting clients by providing accurate predictions as well as solutions to their problems. I meditate regularly to calm my mind, gain clarity, and align all seven chakras, which help me with intuitive reading and energy exchange. I started this journey to help people who needed direction, assistance, or guidance in their lives, and I wanted to use tarot to do so. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a teacher, and a counselor; and I believe we women play so many roles in our lives and try to bring positivity into everyone's life, and it is a divine gift to all women. My first reading was very accurate and intuitive, and my associate was surprised when she learned of her predictions. I thank the Universe, my gurus, my ancestors, and my parents for believing in me and making my life worthwhile by allowing me to help others.


H X...
Sun, 14 Jul,2024
perfect prediction
Sat, 13 Jul,2024
good, polite
V X...
Sat, 13 Jul,2024
nice 👍
R P...
Sat, 13 Jul,2024
responsive, does not consume time, she's fast in delivering the message
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Thu, 11 Jul,2024
thankuu mam thanku universal