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About Me

I am a certified Vedic astrologer with over 7 years of experience. From 2013 to the present, I've had an interest in astrology. My guru is the renowned KN Rao. I never believed in the miracles that astrology could produce until I went through a bad phase in my life and began consulting astrologers to help me get out of my mess. Eventually, I began practicing astrology to determine the root cause of my problems. I became an astrologer by the grace of God, and I am doing quite well in this field after a good experience and a stronghold in astrology. I've researched various combinations of Vedic astrology and assisted people in living happy and prosperous lives. My clientele includes business owners, jobbers, government employees, technicians, lawyers, actors, athletes, occultists, and many others. Astrology is completely scientific; it imparts wisdom and introduces a person to divine mathematical science. It can help a person win by requiring extreme patience and planning. My goal is to promote astrology to as many people as possible. I am highly dedicated to this science because I never respond to a client's desire or wish; instead, I respond to the person's chart.