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Acharya Sateesh

Acharya Sateesh


Vedic, Vaastu

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About Me

Acharya Sateesh  is a certified Indian Vedic Astrologer, Gem Consultant and Vastu Shastra Expert. He has 8 years of professional experience in handling various challenges of his clients from across the world and providing them with appropriate solutions. He was fascinated by the mysterious nature of astrology and this compelled him to undergo a professional course in this field. He has been doing research with live horoscopes on various challenges faced by the people. As his predictions started coming true for most of the people, he became a full time Vedic Astrologer and has been serving clients from all over the country. He has been awarded the Best of Excellence award for his astrological services.  His predictions are quite accurate and his analysis is also very effective. He employs the techniques advocated by Rishi Parashara and Jaimini and holds a great degree of command in Nadi Astrology as well. He has also been conducting online vedic astrology classes for the last 2 years.