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Acharya Rudranee

Acharya Rudranee


Vedic, Tarot, Numerology, KP

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About Me

I am an award-winning, internationally acclaimed, and well-traveled life coach specializing in mystical sciences. Since I was a child, I've had an intuitive understanding of energy healing and signals. During my graduation, I began accurately predicting using horoscopes and zodiac signs. My strong connection with the universe helps me use mantras, spells, candle rituals, crystals, color therapy, Tarot rituals, Vedic traditional solutions, name balancing, affirmations, Chakra meditations, Reiki healing, and other modalities to provide detailed and effective solutions. As a firm believer in the Universal Energy Laws, I believe that the various divination sciences are interconnected and must be used in tandem to understand the problems of the querist who comes to seek an answer and provide them with high quality, sincere guidance. I also have extensive corporate experience in India and abroad, focusing on mentoring, training, and psychological coaching. My ten-year stay in Europe and Asia has provided me with unique skills for dealing with multi-cultural temperaments and special training in Feng Shui. I have a long list of repeat clientele from around the world. My purpose in life, I believe, is to bring souls in darkness and sadness out of the shadows and into the sunlight of clarity and determined action.

Gold Medalist in Astrology
New Delhi

I've always been good at studying and learning new things. I received my Gold Medal in Vedic Astrology and K.P. Astrology from the All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies and am now employed as a lecturer and coach at an esteemed institute. 

Winner of the title “Divine Counselor with a Rational Mind”

I have held the title of "Divine Counselor with a Rational Mind" for many years, beginning in 2012 in various conventions across India in recognition of my methodology that combines traditional wisdom with the challenges of the modern global world.

Degree in Various Fields of Occult Science
New Delhi

I also hold professional degrees in Ank Shastracharya (Numerology), Vastu Shastracharya, Tarot Reading and Counselling, Runes, Angel Cards, and Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, and Dowsing.

Author of Three Books

I am the author of a two-volume book set in English that combines Tarot guidance with traditional remedies and an astrological Numerology book. I'm currently working on my fourth book about Advanced Numerology and the Loshu Grid.