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JyotishGuru Rohan

JyotishGuru Rohan


Vedic, Vastu

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About Me

JyotishGuru Rohan is a professional astrologer from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is an MBA in HR and has done B.Tech. He has over 7 years of industry experience and is practicing Vedic astrology since past 10 years. He believes that the astrological chart of a person shows who they are, the lessons of their present life and the purpose of their life as well. He dives into your astrology chart and studies it, so that you become aware of your struggles and gain more happiness and peace in your life. His predictions and solutions are based on in-depth analysis of Navagrahas and planets. He provides simple and accurate measures that give people more understanding and confirmation of their actual path. Astrologer Rohan is also familiarised with Numerology, Muhurat Shastra and Gemology. He is primarily efficient in providing predictions and counseling related to Financial and Legal matters. He predicts the possible impacts on the Economy and Stock Market based on the movement of various planets. He can provide various ups and downs in the Sensex Nifty market, on a regular basis. He analyzes the commodity market after considering the position of stars as per Vedic Astrology and provides a daily price trend of commodities in the current month. He helps people in dealing with any trade related to share market and commodity market (especially Gold, Silver price forecast prediction) as well.