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About Me

Tarot Ritika is a famous tarot reader who offers comprehensive tarot reading sessions using her clairvoyant skills. She is a psychic healer and life coach who considers tarot as a tool of divination and guidance with a noble objective to reveal “the unknown.” Her journey of tarot reading began in her late teens. She claims that she did not choose Tarot, rather Tarot chose her when a beautiful “Marseilles Tarot deck” was gifted to her by her grandfather. At the time when she was grappling with myriad life questions with a zestful inward curiosity, tarot opened up for her a blissful world of new possibilities.  With her intuitive thought process, she acquired the knowledge of tarot through rich texts and a systematic guidance by her revered mentors. And then her personal journey gradually evolved into her life’s purpose to help others and provide them a roadmap and answers to their varied questions by channelizing their inner self energy with the help of Tarot cards.  Over the last one decade Tarot  Ritika has influenced the lives of hundreds of people across the globe through her psychic prowess by way of guidance from tarot cards for multi-faceted questions posed daily in one’s life - career, business, relationships, marriage, personality analysis, mundane decisions, monetary issues etc. She also uses Rider Waite deck to teach tarot reading. She is a firm believer in the power of visual affirmation as a tool to manifest our desires in life.