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Tarot Rakesh

Tarot Rakesh


Tarot, Numerology

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About Me

I've been a professional tarot card reader for nearly three years. My Guru, Yash Mehta, taught me how to read tarot cards. Tarot card reading, in my opinion, is one of the true forms of divinity that can help you define your personality on a spiritual level. It not only predicts your future but also helps you choose the best path for your life. Honesty, kindness, and sincerity are all expressions of love, and the heart is full of them. I'm here to help those experiencing difficulties in their lives by using tarot card reading so that they can live happy and successful lives in the future. Astrology is what I refer to as a GPRS tracker. It's my passion, and I'm in this field because of God's blessings. On this note, I'd like to quote Varahamira's words: "There is no better boat than astrology to help a man cross the sea of life." I have extensive experience advising people on love and relationships, daily life, career, and health.