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Tarot Radhika S

Tarot Radhika S


Tarot Card Reading

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About Me

Tarot Radhika S is a certified tarot reader who tries to understand the problems of her clients on a deeper level and advises them accordingly as she believes that one needs to be positive in order to face the obstacles of life. Her methodology is based on comprehending one’s problems and then providing them the guidance to go through the ups and downs of their life.She has an immense love and passion for spirituality and all its practices. She tries to solve the problems of her clients with a positive mind and attitude and provides them result-oriented solutions and remedies. Her areas of expertise include money and financial problems, relationships, career, health issues, and everyday life. Tarot Radhika S also holds a certification in trikaya healing. She believes that tarot has always been a teacher and guide to her that taught her to take the right decisions at the right time. She requests her clients to ask as many questions as they please because that would actually help her understand their situations more clearly. In her opinion, the right intuition and clear reading of the cards can provide the right answers. Tarot cards not just predict the future but also advise a person about their future based on their present karma.