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Tarot Poonam AJ

Tarot Poonam AJ



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About Me

Tarot Poonam AJ is a tarot reader, spiritual connecter, psychologist and an experienced spiritual guide. She has learned this knowledge from Angel tarot education in Mumbai and is well versed in the study of psychology. She is a kind-hearted person with a beautiful voice and can provide accurate predictions that may help you in dealing with the events of your future. At a very young age, she recognised her talent and gained the knowledge that can spread positivity across the world. She not only tells you about the cards you have but motivates you to deal with the practical situations of life. She generally gives information about the topics of marriage, relationships, health, career and investments. Her solutions are easy and effective at the same time. Her main aim is to help people in the best possible manner with 100% honesty and compassion.