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Jyotish Dr. Mukesh

Jyotish Dr. Mukesh


Vedic, Palmistry, Fortune Telling

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About Me

Jyotish Dr. Mukesh is a well-qualified Astrologer and Vastu Consultant who gives accurate future readings based on Vedic Astrology. He has good command, vast experience, and the best expertise for Matchmaking, Job issue, Marriage consultation, Love & relationship, Wealth & prosperity, Legal matters, Health consultation, career issue, progeny, Travel abroad consultation, Child name, Auspicious birth time, etc. He is a certified professional consultant who uses his intuition to guide his clients, encouraging them to move ahead positively and face the challenges that may lie ahead in the future. 

His remedies have a scientific background and are very easy to follow, and do not disturb the regular schedule. While predicting, he also highlights the period to be taken care of for health and money investments, which helps plan future steps. More than 30,000 clients have taken advantage of his consultation, including Politicians, Actors, Businessmen, Defence Officers, IT Professionals, Bank Officers, and Architects from around the globe. When you consult him for a horoscope reading, expect to receive detailed and highly accurate astrological guidance covering all aspects of your life


T X...
Mon, 22 Jul,2024
Keep me in your prayers 🙏❤️
Sun, 21 Jul,2024
best astrologer sir you are on astroyogi and such a good human being, thanks for ur guidance 🙏🙏
R S...
Thu, 18 Jul,2024
you are amazing as a person as an Astrologer,a pure soul with a kind heart,may God protect you always and you always smile with light heart.. thank you for always being there
G S...
Wed, 17 Jul,2024
excellent presentation
A K...
Mon, 15 Jul,2024
kya baat hai sir... aap jaadu jaante ho kya.. har baar aapke date pe hi mera kaam ho jaata hai love you and thank you so much sir ❤️ glad to have you in my life 💗