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Acharya Manesha

Acharya Manesha


Vedic, Vastu

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About Me

I am a renowned astrologer with a reputation for accurately predicting Kundli charts based on Gochar (planetary transits) and Dasha (planetary periods). With over ten years of experience in the field of astrology, I have received numerous accolades and awards. I can forecast major life issues such as education, job or promotion prospects, business success, marital relations, childbirth, matchmaking, love life success areas, and so on. I also have knowledge of the financial market and Vastu Shastra. Almost all of my clients are satisfied with my services due to my precise and accurate predictions. Thousands of people have benefited from my assistance in resolving their issues and guiding them toward success. I believe in helping others with all of my heart and to the best of my abilities, and I strive to provide simple and easy solutions and remedies to my clients. I strongly believe that the supreme power is always watching over you, telling you not to lose hope and that you will find happiness even in your darkest and most difficult moments.