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About Me

Numero Kketu is a passionate Numerologist and Western Astrologer who has been practising in these fields professionally for the last 15 years. She holds a master's degree in Law and is based in Bengaluru. She has been practicing numerology since her college days and professionally since 2007. In numerology, she has expertise in name corrections, baby name corrections, company name corrections, vehicle numerology, house numerology, health, gems, and other aspects. Timing as per numerology on how to find out the auspicious periods for any endeavors. She also teaches numerology as she finds it a very satisfying experience to share her knowledge. She is also a trained life skill trainer, so she can use astrology with human nature and change the same via life skills and astrology knowledge.

In Western astrology, she specializes in sun sign zodiacs and their working, compatibility between zodiacs, nature of sun signs, understanding children via zodiac, and other finer aspects of Western astrology. Astrology is helping human beings in several ways, and it starts by giving knowledge about yourself via your sun sign, birth numbers, and horoscope. It is said, "stars incline, they do not compel". She believes that astrology can warn you about any forthcoming adversity, so you can change the gear via your free will and alleviate the adverse effects of malefic planets.  She loves to share her knowledge to help people as much as possible with her knowledge and experience. Using the knowledge of numerology and astrology, she helps people find remedies to the issues bothering them. 


C X...
Mon, 15 Jul,2024
bahut acche se baat karte hain and explain bhi bahut Achcha detail Mein karte hain thank u.
R R...
Fri, 5 Jul,2024
thank mam
P K...
Sun, 23 Jun,2024
thank you so much for your support 🙏
H S...
Sat, 22 Jun,2024
good 👍
M J...
Sun, 16 Jun,2024
very good