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Vedic, Prashna

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About Me

I Astro Jitender an astrologer belief on the facts of astrology with practical terms which exact the life more stable, comfortable, and more enjoyable. I was experienced by my favorite Guru Shri. Narmadeshwar Shastri Ji along with a number of channels and articles that makes life very practical with full of happiness. In view of my expertise terms in astrology, career is the main source of our life that can ever open the path of our daily materialism with standard modes where love and relationships with each other become strongly interconnected. More important the remedies we follow should be very much confined and prompt to make things very simple and easy.

Also, the technical terms of astrology are a science of planets where the formulas and facts lie according to the house and the lord of the house with a strong zodiac relationship as per the weight of an ascendant concern. As far as my methodology of Astro science, I always impart with simple and accurate remedies which make people more understand and confirm their actual path. I am always trying to have my clients must be accelerated with the blessings of my god Shri Ram Dulare Shri Balaji Maharaj for their meaningful life with full of luck, career, and fortune.