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About Me

I am a fourth-generation Tarot reader and Psychic reader. This gift of clairvoyance was passed down to me from my grandmother and great-grandfather. My professional tarot card reading journey began in 2013. In 2010, I read Read Magic by Dean Radin. Since then, I have read and scanned hundreds of books and essays on clairvoyance, gnosis, sigil, psychology, remote viewing, science, astrology, and psychics. I bought my first Tarot card in 2013. Gradually, I gained popularity among my friends and family. Using my tarot expertise, I can help people get answers, see what is right and wrong, and what is missing on questions about marriage, career, wealth, relationship, love, or any other questions. They believe in my divine ability, so I pull the card, and there is a bright light that answers all of their questions. Hundreds of hours of meditation, focus, and Tarot practice have helped me provide precise readings to my clients.