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Astro Deepika

Astro Deepika


Tarot, Numerology

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About Me

Astro Deepika is an experienced reader and works with my own Natural Psychic Abilities along with the Tarot cards. I believe that positive energy activates constant elevation and that balance in life is attained by striving towards knowing and mastering the self. I shine the light in the darkness so that those lost may find a way to their core and set them free. I am all about solutions, freedom, and enlightenment. Initially, I was reading for family and friends just as long. I started reading professionally 5 years ago and have many faces to face clients as well as phone clients. I have always found pleasure in this work and love to share my wisdom and understanding. My aim during a reading is to assist clients to gain clarity and understanding of their current situation in order to move forward and open up new possibilities. I got my certification in a tarot reading from the International school of astrology. Now getting myself up skilled in Numerology science also. As far as my academic qualification is concerned I am an MBA degree holder working with a known brand as a QA. I tend to get the best outcome when my callers are as open and relaxed with me as possible. I will endeavor to make you as comfortable with me as possible, to aid an informative experience. Allow me to look deep into your life and issues, so I can inform you of the best possible path to take. Past readings have left my callers pleasantly surprised with my ability to see into their lives and give them direction in order to improve it. I have been known to help people with a multitude of problems, be in recovering from a breakup or a change in career prospects. I am likable and have a lot of returning customers. I occasionally need to remind myself that I can only show my client the path; it will be up to him/her to decide whether or not to take it. It is not unusual when what is being presented in reading is not exactly what the client wants to hear. In situations like this, the challenge for me is in having faith that my client will choose the right path for him/herself and learn from the consequences of his/her decisions. This is still a work in progress. One of my recent experience - Well recently, I have a very important client and he came to me for guidance with regard to applying for his dream post. From the very first session we had, I knew he would get it, but I was very honest with the challenges, I saw, he would face. Every significant development he would come to me and ask for guidance, and the cards would reveal important personalities and influences at play, which he took to heart and made sure he prepared for. After a few months of waiting, he came back to me with the great news that he got his dream job. He was very thankful and pleased. And so was I for him. As a parting reminder life is short so try to make the most of it by being responsible for your own happiness and success. Have faith in yourself and your ability to achieve. Many blessings to you all!