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Astro Balakrishnan

Astro Balakrishnan


Vedic, Numerology, Vastu

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About Me

Astro Balakrishnan is a renowned astrologer. He is known for predicting accurate kundali based on gochar, transits by Bhrigu Nandi method, naming child, company pattern names through Hebrews’ Kabbalistic method, Chaldean, Pythagorean methods. He is also an expert Vastu consultant and feng shui practitioner, and knows Sanskrit swara shastra method for naming products. My scholarly achievement is awarded by karpagam University and awarded nadi astrologer and experience with 25 years in parasaraian method ,jaimini charadasa(K.N.Rao) ,matching chart using Nandi method My clients are very much satisfied with my work. His clients are very much satisfied with his work, which has been the result of his spot on and accurate predictions. He has helped thousands of people, young and old, in his career by not only predicting their near future but also the problems that they may face in their paths. He is fluent in English and Tamil and has a little knowledge in Sanskrit.