Zodiac Signs and Their Inner Motivation

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Zodiac Signs and Their Inner Motivation

Ever wondered what is it that dictates your approach to different things in life? The inner motivation has a lot more to do with how we behave in a social setting and our attitude in general than we like to believe.

Here's what drives the signs of the zodiac to do what they do-their inner motivations.



Aries do not wish to be the ones who follow instructions; they want to be the ones who give them. And, this is their inner motivation. They display admirable leadership qualities and make for excellent leaders. Aries wish to achieve great success in life so that they can inspire others to do the same.



The bulls revel in luxury and material comforts and this is what compels them to get going in life, ditching their otherwise lazy lifestyle to achieve their most often than not material goals. They experience life through their five senses and are extremely sensual. The way to a Taurus's heart is definitely through his stomach and out of all the signs a Taurus is most likely to appreciate a good meal. They are most afraid of changes and will try their best to evade them. Learning to get over their fear of change will enable them to live a happier life.



Unlike the bulls, changes keep the twins interested. The more the twists and turns in life, the better it is. Their curiosity is sky high, almost anything and everything catches their fancy and they wish to unearth the mysteries of the world. But their tendency to change course ever so often gets in the way. In a social environment their charming ways gets people flocking to them and they are likely to make many friends.


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Cancerians are not called the nurturers of the zodiac for no reason. The natives of this sign act as the pillar of support to not only those who are close to them but also the ones who might have wronged them in the past. They are above trivial things like holding grudges and being resentful. At their very best, they would use their nurturing capabilities to dissolve boundaries and build a happy family. Love is something that cannot be purchased with money and giving it to someone is the only way to earn it; and Cancer is very well aware of it. On the downside, some of them might create walls to shield themselves from the world when hurt, but what this seemingly protective measure does is isolate and deprive them of the one thing that they want the most-love. It would certainly help a great deal if they learn to overcome their moodiness and exercise control over their emotions.



By virtue of being a fire sign, Leos are blessed with a fascinating personality. Thanks to which they are able to follow their inner motivation that is to be well liked and appreciated amongst their peers. Almost everything they do in life has much to do with getting attention and earning the respect of society. They are generous, caring and certainly very special.



Virgos are guided in life by 'there is always scope for improvement', which could very well be their catchphrase. They dig for details and are never completely satisfied with anything. Often, this extra input to achieve perfection makes them miss out on the important parts, as they remain lost in putting the smaller components of the jigsaw together and losing sight of the bigger ones. They can be quite critical of others and themselves too. However, this does not imply that they are incapable of loving and caring. Virgos are quite benevolent and are willing to sacrifice, if it is in the best interest of others. Their never ending quest for perfection is what they need to let go off.



Librans seek harmony and synchrony in life. They like to forge bonds that are for the long haul, even though some of them might end up before their time. However, the ending is mostly amicable; Libras are such fine diplomats. They understand the action-reaction philosophy and will never say or do something that they know will hurt them. Beauty is another major thing that motivates them in life. They are attracted to all things beautiful. What can be said as the drawback in the Libran personality is their yearning for balance in relationships that might drain them emotionally and physically.

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There is a ring of truth to the popular notion of Scorpio being a very sexual sign. Their motivation is to experience the ecstasy of a union, the pain of death and the joy of being born again. On the physical front, most Scorpions choose sex as a medium to achieve that. But there is more to them than sex. Just like the Phoenix associated with this sign, they can rise from the ashes and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.



Sagittarians believe in living life their own way. They are motivated by the desire to create a synchrony between their animalistic and human nature. Endowed with a happy and joyous personality, they are a powerhouse of energy but find it difficult to channel it in the right direction. They might ignore the details in pursuit of the big picture, which only makes it difficult for them to achieve the targets they have set for themselves. They are honest to the point of being brutal which may not go very well with everyone.



Capricorns have an air of mystery about them which might be due to their serious and no nonsense persona. They are extremely hard working and will devote their entire life to the pursuit of that one goal that might even be impossible for others to achieve. But, the Capricorn will find a way to achieve it, even if it takes a lot of time and effort.  Most Capricorns find it hard to let go and move on; they might cling onto one thing or idea or person for a long time in the hope that it will come back to them.



Within the heart of Aquarius’s motivations is the need for uniting the world and existing as a part of it. They stand for equality and freedom for everyone. They can sacrifice a lot for the society but probably not for a person because there is something that prevents them from attaching significance to the needs of an individual. Most Aquarians believe in the oneness of society and their more hypothetical and less practical rules of living life often clash with the reality, giving them much stress.



Pisces are emotional beings who are also able to pick up other people's emotions on their highly sophisticated sonar. Taking in the negativity from the surrounding and converting it into something positive becomes the motivation of the fishes in life. They are a blessing to the society but not so much for their own selves. At times, all the negativity that they sop up becomes the cause for much anguish. Escaping the physical realm by way of dreaming and also engaging in drugs and alcohol then becomes their asylum. Addictions are not unfamiliar territory for the Pisces. Most Pisceans would have ventured into the prohibited zone at least once in their lifetime and those who haven't sure need to be applauded for it takes a valiant Piscean to overcome this inherent shortcoming.