Your Weekly Horoscope For 30th October – 5th November 2017 by astroYogi

Monday, October 30, 2017
By Team Astroyogi

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.


With the sun in Libra, you may find yourself in a more quarrelsome mood of late. Given that Libra is the sign of peace and love, this may surprise you! This placement may trigger misunderstandings or unnecessary arguments. Although this placement can cause upset in long-standing relationships, it adds heat and fire to both your career and new romantic opportunities. You’ll be an exciting prospect if single. Mercury in Libra invites you to hold your tongue to ensure that you don’t offend or upset others unintentionally. You are honest and sincere and may confuse both traits with bluntness or cruelty. Remember that the truth needs to be tempered in order to be palatable. With Venus, the planet of love, moving into Libra on the 2nd November, you’ll enjoy a favourable period. This placement is encouraging for students and enables you to engage with the learning process. There’s a feeling of romance in the air.

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With the sun in Libra, you are invited to look at your life and make improvements. Libra is all about beautifying and making things pretty and likeable. It’s also constantly seeking balance whereas Taurus is eternally seeking pleasure. Lessons can be learned this week. The influence of Libra on your chart is mixed as you may experience health setbacks, stalled career plans and a slightly lacklustre love life. The good news? You can change all of these areas for the better especially if you communicate and that is what Libra is inviting you to do. With Mercury in Libra, you’ll be charming and come across well. This will be especially true if you are in a public facing role. You are the best person to deliver bad or difficult news. Venus moves into Libra on the 2nd and your relationship with your spouse will improve greatly. There’s a buzz of excitement around your love life, whether you are single or coupled.

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The sun in Libra may bring a blast from the past back into your life in the form of an old friend or former flame. Gemini’s motto is, ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss.’ You tend to be future focused. Whether you choose to revisit the past is entirely up to you. Things will be clearer if you use your communicative abilities to be truthful and fair, both to yourself and others. With Libra in Mercury you may feel low or disappointed in how things are turning out. You may not feel as confident as usual. Even a social sign such as yourself needs solitude and time out now and again. Perhaps some time alone spent reflecting, relaxing or self-pampering will do you the world of good. You don’t always need to appear fun or engaging to be worthy. You are allowed to be quiet, even ‘boring.’ Yes, we know boring is a dirty word in the Gemini vocabulary, but don’t you agree that it can be soothing? With Venus moving into Libra on the 2nd, you impress others effortlessly and this may open new doors for you, especially in love.

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With the sun in Libra, your mind is on expansion, especially in business terms. The cardinal energy in your chart is through the roof this week and this makes you want to act. You may still feel and think out what the possibilities are (this will happen when Cancer and Libra energy unite) but you will still take action. Your love life may have taken a backseat recently and it will need to be rekindled. You are so romantic and soulful that this will not be a difficult mission. With Mercury in Libra, you may receive a nice financial sum that comes about quite unexpectedly. This will be good for business don’t you think? Spending time with friends is important to you now as they offer support and make you laugh. On the 2nd, Venus moves into Libra and you live like a King or Queen. You will be drawn to the world of fashion and clothing. Things that are beautiful will be especially important to you right now. You may buy some high-status items.

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Leo, this week there is a lot of Libra energy flying around and this unison of fire and air energy creates dynamic possibilities. This is a week of activity and action. You will travel, see friends and engage with your hobbies. You want to have fun and there is a sense that you are living life to the fullest. You are not so concerned about work, but you are interested in having fun and giving into the exciting options that life offers. With Mercury in Libra you may need to re-plan and re-think, especially if you are being over-zealous with your spending which is highly probably when Leo and Libra combine! On the 2nd, Venus moves into Libra which indicates a great number of short and sweet trips. There is the possibility that you will bump into someone from your past, most likely a friend but possibly an old love. Professionally, Venus in Leo makes you well-liked and admired. You’ll go far if you play on public opinion.

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This week, the sun is in Libra and you are encouraged to invest rather than to spend. A prudent, wise sign, you will probably agree! At the start of this week, take stock of what you have achieved and what you want to do in future. This is a good time to make plans. Remember that stepping stones lead to new horizons. With Mercury remaining in Libra, those of you who are studying will be at your best. Your brain is whip-sharp and loves to learn and you will immerse yourself in any topic or project with ease. This is the time to focus on self-improvement of all kinds. On the 2nd, as Venus moves into Libra, you’ll find that the key to your success and happiness this week is communication. You speak and express yourself clearly, concisely and with great charm. What you say is truthful, meaningful. The Virgo tendency to dot the I’s and cross the T’s mixed with Libra’s charm and originality can create work that resonates with people on a profound level.

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This week, the sun, Mercury and Venus are all in your own sign of Libra. Talk about an overdose of Libra energy! Libra is a sign that thinks through all options. Because of this, it can be a struggle to reach a conclusion. You’ll find that you feel low in confidence, scattered and fearful at the start of this week. The intensity of air energy requires you to ground yourself. Meditation is good for this. Know that you are one with the earth and use your brain creatively. There is a saying that thoughts are wild horses unless we reign them in. You have a keen interest in spiritual matters and this will help you this week as you learn that you are part of a bigger picture and that we are all interconnected. Losing yourself in your own thoughts is natural for all air signs, but delving into the practical, tangible world can help you here. With Venus in Libra, your dreams come true. Libra adds magic and beauty to all things – you can manifest your desires. You may wish to travel with someone that you hold dear. Why not?

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Normally so decisive, this week you feel slightly unsure. Are you adhering to your meditation practices? The answers you seek lie within but you’ll need to access them. Hold off from making important decisions or seek advice from expert sources. As a perceptive, intuitive sign, the issue may be that you have experienced an influx of overwhelming energy and you may be processing it, sorting through what is real and meaningful and what is essentially junk. With Mercury in Libra, you feel easy-going even when challenges come your way. On the 2nd, Venus moves into Libra and you want to purchase something you like, something beautiful or classy. You will be drawn to beautiful things and people as well as to creativity and art. If you can spend time by the water please do. This will soothe your spirit, as is the case for all water signs.

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With the sun in Libra, your thoughts turn to a partnership. You are an independent sign who nonetheless has tremendous interest in your fellow man. In terms of personal, one-on-one relationships, you can be frustratingly distant or absent as you constantly think in terms of the abstract bigger picture. That said, this isn’t a problem this week as you are feeling romantic and loving. If single, love is almost guaranteed. With Libra in Mercury, you effortlessly complete tasks that need finishing and your positive attitude help you achieve all that you need to. You are advised to spend quality time with your partner. Anything adventurous will appeal! With Venus moving into Libra on the 2nd, you’ll find that hard work pays off and you can enjoy the rewards that are coming your way. Romantic relationships are at their very best. Are you finally becoming a big softie Sagittarius?

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Working hard is in your very bones. Earth signs draw their self-esteem from being productive, useful members of society. It isn’t like you to be idle and the pleasures you enjoy are those you’ve earnt. This is the Capricorn way! You’ll continue working hard this week but there continues to be competition. This doesn’t startle you as you are always the cream of the crop. Things are going well personally too – your partner is supportive, dedicated and loving. Those with Venusian energy appeal as they soften your harder edges. A warrior wants to come home to something sweet. Mercury in Libra enables you to develop and progress at work. Libra’s cardinal energy comes in handy and you may find yourself in a position of leadership. On the 2nd, as Venus moves into Libra you enjoy a wonderful professional period and are appreciated for all that you do which only encourages you to work harder. You may need to work on balancing work/play and home/career but this will come with time.

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Romantically this is a wonderful period for you Aquarius. Love can feel very abstract to you. You understand it logically and rationally but sometimes struggle to process it emotionally. This week, you feel love rather than simply sit and think about it. You may be open to marriage, cementing your personal bond with a deep commitment. With Mercury in Libra, you are lucky in all that you do and you are supported by those who you value in life. On the 2nd, Venus moves into Libra and this only fortifies your luck which enables you to develop and progress in all ways. This is a time of tremendous growth for Aquarius natives. Your potential is massive as yours is the sign of genius and if you keep moving and keep pushing, there is no telling what heights you may reach. As a fixed sign, you have a strong idea of your destination and taking the steps to move closer feels very natural to you. You aren’t one to sit still and vegetate, you want to think, know and understand.

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You are a sign with a sensitive constitution as Pisces is porous, it absorbs the energy of those around them. This can make you profoundly empathetic and caring but it also opens you to danger and damage. Establishing firm boundaries is part of the Pisces quest. This week you may be lacking in confidence and therefore should avoid making life-changing decisions. This should be a week of reflection and pampering. With Venus in Libra, you will be appreciated by society at large especially if you embark on creative or artistic endeavours. On the 2nd, Venus moves into Libra which can indicate a degree of pressure in the workplace. Learning to manage said pressures is important for you as you can easily be overwhelmed. Prioritise your own health and well-being. Enjoy long showers, beauty products, meditation, yoga and other forms of self-care. Giving love and devotion to yourself as well as to others is one of the most meaningful things you can do for yourself.

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