Your weekly horoscope for 29th January to 4th February

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your weekly horoscope for 29th January to 4th February

Your weekly horoscope analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

As an Aries you love to rise to the challenge. Once you conquer one mountain, you are ready to move onto the next. That should hardly be surprising considering that you are the first sign of the zodiac and you are imbued with the spirited energy to go out and get what you feel you deserve. Your confidence is naturally high and almost childlike in its way. This is a professionally sound period for you and you will excel in the world of work. There will be a degree of pressure but nothing that you cannot handle. If single, you may be on the lookout for love and it will find you. You enjoy pursuing the object of your affection so make yourself known. You crave opportunities for novelty and you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of chances for such novelty this week! 

You are a naturally happy sign. Practical, earthy and engaged, you tend to live in the present moment. When you are content, fewer signs could be more delightful, except perhaps Cancer, Libra and Pisces. This week you feel truly happy. This is partly because you are able to take joy from the little things. It doesn’t take much for you to feel good. You are just happy to be along for the ride. You may need to curb certain appetites for excess as this can encourage help problems in later life. If single, your urge for romance is strong. You attract a partner by being open and generous and by sharing your infectious love of life. You may feel lazy. Try to keep an exercise routine in place. This will be good for mind, body and soul.

As an air sign, your realm is the mind. Your brain can be a powerful asset, especially when you focus and get creative, but it can also be an enemy if you allow it to run wild as though a pack of feral horses has somehow overtaken you! This week, you feel tense and high-strung. So, what is the solution, dear Gemini? Much of your anxiety is generated by thinking about the future and projecting too far ahead. Remember that you can just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Just keep moving. This movement will prevent stasis of the mind and body. On a positive note, you can expect a surprising source of income. You may be prone to coughs and colds so rest your voice and eat healthily. Gemini rules the throat and you must protect it so that you can communicate your gifts to the world.

Water signs such as yourself, are perceptive and intuitive. Highly emotional and sensitive, you are nonetheless resilient and tough. Few can impose on you in the home. Would you be the first to admit that you can be moody, crabby? All water signs have a volatile energy, as much like fire signs, you are elementally mutable. You can be soft and delicate like the rain on a spring day or wild and destructive like a monsoon. Getting acquainted with what you want and being direct about it is important for you in order to prevent misunderstandings in love. This week, female Cancer’s may feel restless and require greater freedom. There is a sense of confusion that may feel uncomfortable. There is no need to take action if you feel unsure. Simply seek support from family and friends. Besides, don’t you find meditation quietens the mind?

Leo, you throw yourself into life with such vim and vigour that sometimes you forget that you are mortal! Establishing healthy habits and patterns is very important for you. As a fixed sign, you have the drive to follow through, even if you are prone to moments of laziness and indulgence, as long as you have a set routine in place. Keep an eye on your health and be honest with yourself if you are burning the candle at both ends. Do you feel like a career change? What are you passionate about? The New Year is a good time to make big changes. Make sure that you are cautious with money and don’t overspend. Focus on needs and not wants. Those of you with artistic tendencies truly flourish. This might be a good money-making opportunity.

You are highly perceptive. You have an excellent read of others. Surely then you must know how important it is to present yourself in the right way. In this way, you can manipulate the light in which others see you, should you need to. Focus on your body language, dress and tone of voice. These subtle touches will make a huge difference to the way that you are perceived by others as well as to your own self-confidence. You become more charismatic as a result. You may feel stressed and tense which is why it is so crucial that you make time to unwind in a way that feels personally soothing to you. This may be a more active means of relaxation like exercise. Despite your struggle to concentrate, new opportunities will present themselves at work should you wish to accept.

This week you will enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones. You will feel recharged by spending time with them. You will be in an especially sociable mood, and Libra’s are known for being very sociable. At work and in terms of your career, growth is guaranteed. Love feels joyous and truly miraculous and you may find true love at this time. There may be a new addition to your family. Artistic people, particularly those of you who are into dancing and acting, will make money from creative pursuits. Your house may be full of guests and lively exciting times. You feel jolly and in high spirits. Enjoy this time of happiness and freedom. You will be in your airy element, dancing from one frivolous experience to the next. Nothing can dampen your light-hearted shine. You radiate positivity and others respond well to it.

Scorpio is a sign that intermittently needs to leave the party to recharge. Solitude and peace and quiet is essential for your wellbeing and you need to learn to honour these needs to feel truly content and happy. This week, you are in a social mood and will spend time with friends and family. People may be surprised at just how positive and out there you are this week! You may be too busy to spend quality time with your partner so make sure you prioritise them later on. At home, there is a lovely sense of harmony, so you can unwind, relax and read in peace. You may even receive a marriage proposal! You are always highly attractive and magnetic to the opposite sex. You may need to control your temper as you have a moody energy this week that can become fiery! 

This week you make astute financial decisions. You are not always the best at managing money as you tend to want to spend money on the fun things in life but this week you have your economic cap on and you know what decisions to make to benefit your entire family. You will be highly innovative, and your intuition will guide you to make wise decisions creatively and artistically that will benefit your financial condition. Your partner will be immensely supportive and understanding of you and tremendously respectful of all that you do, encouraging you to go out into the world and fulfil your dreams. Your family will support you whenever you need them too. In fact, everyone’s got your back.

This week your professional energy is at its best. Cardinal Capricorn energy excels in environments where tenacity and determination are required. You have the desire and enthusiasm to do something afresh. This is a beautiful period for you romantically and you may meet an enduring love. You feel a slight aversion to spirituality and you may live more in the realm of your imagination, kicking off artistic and creative pursuits that satisfy you. Remember, you need to work hard to achieve your dreams. This week you will make new friends. This is a good period for those who work in fashion and interior design. There is a feeling of excitement to all you do which propels you forward and gives a sense of momentum.

This week, you feel in a lazy mood and may not be so ambitious. This is a great week to sit back and enjoy the flow of life. You may feel a bit low in confidence but take some time to develop some faith in yourself. You are more capable than you know. Professionally this is a wonderful period for you. You can almost float along in your career as you are implicitly trusted to do the right thing. There is even a chance of promotion in that you are successful in all you do. Life feels enjoyable, prosperous and harmonious and you enjoy where you are at the moment. This is a great time to embrace the moment. You don’t necessarily need to plan for the future or worry about what is to come. Just live in the now.

This is an excellent week of growth for Pisces natives and you may profit from an inheritance. It’s very important for you to develop a plan that you can adhere to. It’s not always your way to plan ahead as you are very much a person who takes life as it comes, even a dreamer. And yet if you can make plans and stick to a regime with plenty of rewards factored in, you will be far more productive. It’s important that you aim to avoid arguments at home. A respectful and diplomatic communication style will assist with this as you broach topics with tact. You are active in society and supported by your elders. This is a wonderful time to fall in love as you are more susceptible to cupids arrow.