Your weekly horoscope for 22nd to 28th January

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your weekly horoscope for 22nd to 28th January


This is a week of Capricorn energy as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all sit here. Capricorn is affiliated with time, work and responsibility. As such, it can feel like a heavy energy, but it is also a highly productive one. Capricorn encourages hard work, growth and progression. If you’ve experienced a sense of stasis or blockage, then Capricorn energy will bulldoze right through this! You feel enthusiastic about projects and work. Perhaps you’ve finally found something that you feel passionately about! Certainly, Aries natives come alive when their fiery impulses are activated. Venus in Capricorn suggests the need to begin something new in love, such as a new relationship or a new stage of relationship.


Capricorn materialises in three planets this week, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Therefore, this is a week of very earthy energy. You feel very physically and mentally happy and you radiate joy. You feel very secure in who and what you are, your path and accomplishments. Others sense this and long to be with you. You feel romantic and sensual and your partner or potential partner senses this about you and responds in kind. Despite this gargantuan Capricorn energy, you feel lazy and unmotivated as you find it hard to concentrate. Once you get into the groove, this will become easier and energy will manifest. You are lucky this week and will make new friends who are good to you. Physical exercise and meditation are useful tools to help you connect with Capricorn.


With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn, you may experience some tension. As an air sign, you are very much in your mind, so it is essential that you practice good housekeeping in terms of keeping your mind balanced, clear and free. Losing yourself in negative thoughts will create a negative person. Fortunately, your willpower is strong so consider outlets such as exercise, meditation and artistic pursuits such as writing. There is a sense of worry about the future, but this is unnecessary. Bring your focus to the present moment and if you are unsatisfied there, think of what you can do to make the situation better. This will give you a greater sense of personal power. Remember, you have ultimate control over your mind. It should be used to your advantage.


Sun, Mercury and Venus are placed in Capricorn this week and this conjunction brings powerful energy with it. Capricorn can a stubborn sign but it’s also a wonderful leader and its sensual energy can be used to rekindle and recharge flailing relationships. In relationships, female partners may feel suffocated or trapped. This reveals that what you desire is a sense of freedom and it is important that you pursue this. Think about how you can experience greater freedom within your relationship and talk to your partner about your concerns and needs. There is a sense of tension this week as you think about what to do and what you want. Tension is not always bad. Sometimes it is necessary to propel us into a new path.


The element of earth creates a foundation upon which fire can flourish. Consider the campfire which revellers add wood to in order to create a blazing flame. This image is exactly what Capricorn adds to your chart this week; it enables you to burn bright and achieve tremendous things. It also transforms you into a beacon that illuminates the way for others. If artistic, you will enjoy this phase and feel especially creative. Your work is liable to be unique and deeply personal and it will resonate well as Leo is guaranteed success. Your achievements may draw enemies or nay-sayers. This is inevitable in all areas of life. You are a proud person but don’t fall into the ego trap of letting this influence your sense of self.


With Capricorn energy in your chart this week, your physical or earthly presence becomes especially important. Body language, gestures, the little flourishes, all of these things matter and make a big impact on those around you. Without making you self-conscious, think about how you sit, walk, move…what kind of message does this send? Are you coming across confidently, powerfully? If not, you can modify your body language to create an illusion of confidence or power that others just can’t miss. This energy invites you to settle in your physical body, to be grounded. There are many opportunities for you this week. Be open to all that comes your way. To help ground yourself, consider having your chakras re-aligned and participate in regular exercise to help you know and understand the abilities of your own body.


With Capricorn abounding in your chart this week, your career is destined to do well. You will find it easier to apply yourself. As a cardinal sign, you may find yourself in a position of leadership or in a role where justice and fairness is paramount. There is a sense of growth in life which makes you feel good. You don’t feel aimless or directionless, wandering with no goal in sight. Instead, the trajectory seems very clear and also, very possible. Remember to be open and honest about your feelings, at least with yourself and to find an outlet that enables you to express yourself. This will prevent you from being clogged up emotionally or mentally. You will focus on doing things that have a practical purpose and purchasing things that are investment pieces.


Capricorn energy works well with Scorpio energy and you feel far more powerful. In some ways this is good, and you can make use of this energy in terms of your career, relationships and personal goals (of which you probably have many, being the ambitious, intense and passionate sign that you are.) In another way, it can be a bad thing as you may be too stubborn, fiery and indignant to admit when you are wrong or to compromise with those you love. Try to use this energy in the right way. Pour it into your goals, dreams and passions and cool it down when things require a gentler, more yielding energy. Remember, rushing it can also be a weakness. There is great strength in being able to sit with powerful emotions and to express them honestly. This is often overlooked but it doesn’t stop it being true.


Capricorn makes you wiser than you may normally be, but you keep your sense of adventure and that common touch that makes people adore you. You just can’t help but be yourself and people respond well to this as it enables them to be themselves too. Financially this is a great period and you are wiser about managing and saving money. You also make better decisions, for yourself and your family. You may take on more responsibilities than you normally would, but it feels natural and right. Your mind brims with innovative, unique ideas which can easily reach fruition and bring you financial reward. Your bonds with family and your partner are strengthened and whatever you do, they will support you.


This week, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all sit in your own sign- Capricorn. That’s a lot of Capricorn energy! You have the energy, enthusiasm and desire to do something new, different and fresh. At work, you are a true force to be reckoned with and you perform at your professional peak. This is a good time to focus on your career and pour as much as you can into developing yourself. You may be more in your imagination and you must be reminded that in order to achieve your goals you must bring forth your ideas into reality by working towards them practically. There is a palpable feeling of excitement that permeates all areas of life. The stars indicate that you may travel…


This week, the Sun, Mercury and Venus sits in Capricorn. You will not feel as confident as you usually do, you should not make any major decisions. It’s important that you act only when you feel surer. If that takes a little while, that’s okay. Time can be taken. You may feel somewhat lazier than usual – light exercise will assist here. If you can complete smaller, bite-sized chunks, then it will be easier for your goals to reach fruition. Love feels enjoyable and you may be moving towards a more serious commitment, especially if you have been in a relationship for some time. In your personal life, there is a sense of harmony amongst friends that feels rewarding.


With the Sun in Capricorn, success and growth are guaranteed. You can accomplish anything that you desire. You will find it easy to keep going and going, investing energy in all that you do. You will also enjoy good health, although you shouldn’t neglect self-care. Keep consistent. This is a favourable time to begin a new relationship as there’s a magical sense of chemistry in the air that will resonate with you. Change is in the air, which may involve a new job or a change of relationship. You are always prepared for change with your go with the flow attitude so there may be some interesting developments. This is a wonderful time to fall in love. Let yourself go