Your Weekly Horoscope – 22 to 28 October 2018

Mon, Oct 22, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Oct 22, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 22 to 28 October 2018

Your weekly horoscope (22nd to 28th October, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

With the sun in Libra, you need to keep your temper in check and think about the way that you communicate. You can be a little too fiery, blunt and direct and you might want to temper that down if you want to be taken seriously! If single, direct this energy into your romances where it will be well received. It makes you witty, quick on your feet and intriguing to new acquaintances, but those who are long-standing in your life may be annoyed by your moods. Mercury in Scorpio ensures that people appreciate your efforts, especially at work, so at least you have not been taken for granted (something that Aries natives despise.) You bring enthusiasm to work that goes over well.

At the moment, things may feel as though they are slowing down. There are delays and disruptions at work, your love life feels stagnant and your health may be not so great. Take little steps to improve things. Choose the healthy dinner, have a date night with your partner and talk to your manager about how things are changing at work. These pragmatic steps will make you feel more in control and when you feel in charge, you are a true bull in a China stop. Things will move for you, and that’s what you need right now. With Mercury in Scorpio, you need to prioritise your health. If you aren’t already on a healthy regime, think about it seriously at this time.

Children continue to bring fortuitous tidings into your life, as you connect well with those who are young, being eternally young yourself. Your spirit serves you well in environments where being youthful is required or injects some life into proceedings that may feel stagnant or tired. Travel is always on the cards and if you can get away, you should. Get in touch with the things that make you a Gemini, education, movement, travel and connection, and you’ll feel light as a feather energetically. With Mercury in Scorpio, your artistic inclinations are amped up a gear. You do well as a writer, artist or performer. You express yourself beautifully and with a depth that captures the human experience.

There is tension around you. This tension demands that you act. It is a complete call to action from your very soul. Only you know what to do with this, but if you tune in to your intuition, you should find your answer. Ignore the chorus of voices in your head and respond directly to your gut, which should have a simpler, rawer message that may frighten you at first. If it scares you, good, that means it’s probably the right thing to do. With Mercury in Scorpio, it’s essential that you lean in to spiritual practices that help quiet any tumultuous thoughts or emotions. You may need to rethink a plan that previously seemed fool proof. Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat, as the old saying goes.

This has been a time of great activity for you, and you have been social and energised from your interactions. This is set to continue, and you’ll be busy, happily so. You may be throwing yourself into new experiences and discovering new hobbies. Your fires are burning bright this week, and you are a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. Leo’s like to be the centre, and the front, of all things, and this week you fulfil this role perfectly. With Mercury in Scorpio, mothers enjoy good health and positive tidings. You may make new friends and have plenty of fun exploring new hobbies and interests. This is a grand time to be a Leo and you will enjoy it to the hilt.

The future may be heavy on your mind right now. This can be a good thing, if you use the present moment to work towards your goals. We all only have control of the now, and what we do with it, can make a huge difference to the future that we inherit. We can literally create our own paths right now. Isn’t that a fantastic responsibility to hold? You likely have many ideas about what your future should be, and if you can make little changes now, you’ll be there soon enough. With Mercury in Scorpio, you need to be patient with relatives and siblings who may test you. Who benefits from a mindless quarrel? There are no winners. Find an outlet for any frustrations that brew.

Fear can do strange things to us humans. We can lose sight of what we want to achieve, fearing it will fail. We can push people away, not wanting them to get too close and hurt us. The truth is, if we can trust our ability to bounce back from whatever may hurt us, we have nothing to fear. Building our resilience and power is an essential part of making this possible. Ask yourself one question this week. How can you empower yourself this week? What are you afraid of? How can you become more resilient? Can you handle it? The answer to the last, of course you can! With Mercury in Scorpio, you accrue financial profit and educational opportunities that you may wish to pursue.

This week be gentle with yourself. It may be time to hibernate as a scorpion would. We can’t always be top of our game and retreating to top ourselves up can be essential. Scorpio’s are such powerhouses of emotion and intuition that sometimes it is important to step away and recalibrate. Do not feel guilty for doing this but do communicate your needs to your loved ones. You will feel confused about what to do in some area of life. It may be a case of paralysis by analysis. Try to tune into your gut for a more honest assessment. The mind can be full of chattering monkeys! With Mercury in Scorpio, you may inspire jealousy in others quite accidentally. Don’t be put off by the envy of others.

A Sagittarius is naturally independent, adventure oriented and expansive. That said, you still have a solid drive to find a partner. Love means a lot to you. It connects you to the core of who you are, and you learn a great deal about yourself when you love in one to one relationships. It’s not going against your humanitarian impulses, it’s showing you a more intimate style of caring. This is a good time to fortify an existing relationship or to start a new one, depending on your stage of life. With Mercury in Scorpio, you need to calmly set out to complete a course of action. Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t delay. Just take action. Simple steps lead the way.

Work, work, work. Capricorns love to work. This week, you will need to work a little harder than usual, but this doesn’t mean that you should work at the expense of your health or sanity, so do take time for your own thing. There is competition at work, and you compete with no-one, but this may give you a little extra edge as you want to show off how good you are. Capricorns have a quiet way of rising to the top rather than a showy dramatic style. If single, love is pretty much guaranteed. With Mercury in Scorpio, recognition is guaranteed. People will see you coming from miles away. Use this to your advantage. What do you want? You might just get it, and knowing you, you probably will.

You are in tremendous health, in fact, you are the very picture of it. Anything that has previously been troubling you, or that you have been unable to let go of, will fade now, enabling you to focus on the now. You tend to be future-oriented, being so far beyond your contemporaries, but sometimes being grounded in the now is the best course of action. You don’t always need to be flying through space in your mind! A relationship may progress to marriage, wouldn’t that be exciting? With Mercury in Scorpio, you will be busy at work, but you’ll be able to achieve what you need to. You’ll also be appreciated, which encourages you to work harder, or at least smarter.

Prioritise your health and professional engagements this week. Avoid making any big decisions, as you may lack the confidence to truly know what you want, let alone to go after it. Take some time to really focus on what needs doing and checking in with yourself. Sometimes going inward is an adventure and learning curve all on its own and gives you the courage to push out into the world at a later date. With Mercury in Scorpio, you may find that something fails unexpectedly in your personal life. As a result of this, you may feel fearful, directionless and restless. Don’t be deterred. All will be okay. You will pick up again on a new path. If a door closes on you, there is either another way or it was not meant to be. Trust the process.

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