Your Weekly Horoscope – 21st to 27th Jan 2019

Mon, Jan 21, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jan 21, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 21st to 27th Jan 2019

Your weekly horoscope (21st to 27th Jan, 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your increasing desire towards spirituality keeps you calm and prosperous. Few signs approach the spirit realm with such zeal and devotion, you definitely know how to add life and laughter to proceedings. A degree of disappointment may follow you but with your larger than life enthusiasm this is unavoidable to an extent. The more we get our hopes up, the more we open ourselves to hurt. Nonetheless part of life is to experience it honestly and authentically and no-one could accuse you of doing otherwise. In this sense, you live life on your own terms. You may feel in a quarrelsome mood, especially if you start talking about a topic on which you are highly passionate. Remember being kind is often more important than being right.


Keeping on top of our mental, physical and emotional health, that is taking the holistic approach is tremendously important. When we are in balance, we feel it at the core of our being. This week you may feel a bit out of sorts. You already know how to get yourself back on track; practice moderation and gratitude, stop and smell the roses and allow time to relax and recuperate. Things are guaranteed to turn around by the end of the month. You may feel lazy and unmotivated – try to find personal ways to light a fire in your belly. Rewarding yourself may motivate you to keep going. Focusing on building and maintaining your self-confidence and self-worth will keep you riding high. As an earth sign, grounding yourself will work wonders.


Your thriving sense of self-confidence is enabling you to soar to new heights. As well as making a strong impression on people you meet, you also achieve your dreams and goals and you are likely to have a great number of them. If you can hone down your focus to one or two particular aspirations, you’ll find that you do wonderfully well as your energy is best utilised when focused rather than scattered. Still, this is a lesson that you may need to practice to truly embed. At work, you may feel unfulfilled and bored. You may have outgrown a situation or feel stifled in some way, as though you cannot bring yourself to the fore. Is it time to move on, or is there a way you can make this situation more bearable?


Professionally everything is on track. You are very determined and beneath a soft and yielding exterior, you have an iron resolve. This enables you to get to where you need to be, without others even realising that you have left the start line! You desire some sort of challenge that you can crack open, a new outlet for your tenacity. These challenges are liable to be professional or educational in nature but it’s possible that you might set yourself some more personal quest that remains just for you. Such mental gymnastics are important for you – they enable you to grow, to discover what you are made of. This builds confidence and gives you a warm sense of satisfaction at the end of each day. Romantically, this is a majestic period for you. Whether single or coupled, love is rewarding.


Leo can be lazy, yes this is true. You don’t have the innate desire to keep climbing, as Capricorn does, nor the Aries need to constantly find a new challenge. Instead you prefer to find your jungle and pride and secure it. Once it’s locked down, you’re happy to lay back and let the lionesses (or your minions) do all the work. That said, this week you are looking for a challenge. There is a restless urge to take a big risk. Only you know in what area of life your intuition is guiding you towards. We completely champion this brave and inspirational new urge of yours! Why not? If your endeavour is creative or artistic, all the better. Something has certainly stirred the lion and whatever it is must be completed! 


Sometimes everything in life feels as though it has fallen into place. Nothing could be better when life is so yielding. It feels as though whatever we want can be ours. For this reason, you’ll be smiling incessantly this week as personal and professional problems are well-controlled and what you desire comes to you without complaint. Where you do need to be cautious this week is in terms of how you communicate with others. It won’t be difficult to ruffle your feathers or get you on the defence. Is it possible that you are being overly sensitive, reading more into what people are saying than they mean? Stop looking for the subtext. Be direct but polite in your dealings with others. This should assist. After all, a juice argument is not really very enjoyable…


It is not difficult to confuse a Libra, and we mean this kindly. Your ability to see all sides of the story means you could be the perpetrator, witness or judge depending on your mood! Of course, when it actually comes to knuckling down and making a choice, you may struggle. ‘But how can I ignore’, ‘but what about that perspective!’ Eventually though you will need to decide and decide you will. Once you do so, there will be some peace and relief, as you can stop wasting energy with worry and just let things be. Choosing a side means abandoning other options but if we don’t choose at all, we may find our options run away from us! Consulting experts and elders can help you get a grip over your mind. From there, you’ll be best placed to figure out your next steps.


Underestimating Scorpio’s magnetism is never a good idea. People gravitate towards you in every area of life, and if you are honest with yourself, you are very able to manipulate this! This week your ability to draw others to you is in full swing and remarkably affective. You are also able to keep yourself in a positive position by adhering to strict goals, whether these manifest in terms of diet, exercise or your professional or personal life. It is this outpouring of intense energy consistently into things you love that garners your success. Those of you who act or participate in the media will perform better than expected. In terms of your romantic life, you should focus on what you can give to the person, rather than on what you can take.


Your permanent change in attitude has not gone unnoticed. In fact, others are highly impressed. Your spirit is buoyant, happy and attractive – it is hard for you not to excel. Others take to you so well. You are also in a romantic mood and if single, may be frustrated that you do not have a partner to share this with. That said, your charisma can easily attract potential partners to you. You may rise up as a leader within your community, a role that both suits and fulfils you very well. Being a leader is not about bossing people about but about being a beacon, inspiring and encouraging others to follow your lead. You are getting in touch with ambitions that you may have kept secret for a long time.


Getting in touch with the dark and murky side of human nature is something that Capricorn does with gloves and a dry sense of humour. You aren’t afraid of hard work, in fact you find it rewarding. This week, the hard work you undertake may be more of the mental and emotional variety, as you delve deep into your own darkness. Does this sound frightening? It shouldn’t, as you approach this task with the same methodical, efficient and detached mindset that you do all else. Getting in touch with a tad more emotion would be beneficial but is not necessary. Your love life truly blossoms, and you get closer to someone who truly gets you. This is essential for you, as shallow and superficial are not words in your vocabulary.


This is a great week during which you enjoy great finances, health, confidence and relationships. There is a sense that all is well. Your previous lack of confidence and low mood have dissipated, and you feel at your best. At work, you may be itching to start a new venture. Aquarius enjoys a challenge and a new passion project, something for which you can develop tunnel-vision and lose yourself for hours. There is a wider need for change, perhaps something small like a change in routine or something bigger, like a change of environment, temporary or permanent. This can bring about a sense of agitation or restlessness but directing this into a task or goal will be beneficial for you.


All is well this week Pisces, and don’t you deserve it! Life has been kind to you and all aspects of your life are responding brilliantly to the loving energy you are putting out. There may be some confusion in terms of big life decisions. Hold off of acting until you know the ins and outs of a decision. It can be easy to decide something based on a whim or fantasy, but reality is a very different beast altogether and one that none can ignore. You continue to be drawn to spiritual matters, which is beneficial for Pisces, who as a water sign needs spiritual investment more than most other signs do. It gives you a sense of direction and purpose that helps ground and propel you. You continue to be calm and composed, meaning that others may seek you out in a storm.

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