Your Weekly Horoscope – 12 to 18 November 2018

Mon, Nov 12, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Nov 12, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 12 to 18 November 2018

Your weekly horoscope (12th Nov to 18th Nov, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

With the sun in Scorpio, you need to work on your confidence. Usually this isn’t a problem for you, but the stars have a way of throwing us a few curveballs. Whatever makes you feel confident and builds your self-esteem should be practiced encouraging resilience and hardiness. It shouldn’t take long for you to get your spark back. Your elders appreciate your enthusiastic and fiery response to life. You certainly react first and think later. There’s a sense of romance around you. Even though you aren’t feeling your best, someone may fall for you hard! If in long term love, your romantic life is enthralling, taking on a storybook level of excitement and intensity that you could only dream of before.

Taurus, you are generally quite a lucky sign in love as you possess certain qualities that make you an ideal lover. Firstly, you have a deep appreciation for beauty and are often very beautiful yourself. Your sign tends towards melodic, beautiful voices. You are often great singers for example. You also have a sensuality and patience that appeals. This week there are some difficulties in love for you to weather but the love and support provide a solid foundation from which you can work on long-standing issues. Ultimately you feel positive in mind, body and soul which is a great place to be in. you’ll open many doors with your great attitude and draw the right people into your circle.

Your career is moving in the right direction, giving you a sense of consistency and tenacity that is not characteristic of the Gemini native! You tend to scatter your energy kaleidoscopically, but when you propel it in one particular area, magic happens! Your love life continues to be entertaining, which is a great word for you. You love to be entertained, and you a dynamic, charming partner. This is a great time for those of you who are artsy so get your creative juices flowing. You can’t help but impress people and you can use this skill wisely – making sure that you are noticed and appreciated for the right reasons. People respond well to you in love so reach out to them with kindness in mind.

This is a very good period for career related change so think about what you’d like to do. Cast the net around for options. The world is your oyster. Cancer’s work well in professions where they are called upon to utilise their naturally therapeutic energy. Finding a job that works well in your life and gives you a work/life balance is a worthy mission. An out of balance Cancer is not a happy soul. In love, all is well, and you enjoy the tranquil sense of connection building with your partner. You are living life to the hilt and enjoying all that it has to offer. If you feel lacking in positive energy, your partner will be a constant source of it, so don’t be deterred. You have a lot of options, but you don’t need to make any sudden decisions.

You remain an active bee this week, buzzing from flower to flower. Highly social, you attend every event. It’s hard to see, you are always a blur as you whizz from one place to the next. You are in your element and enjoying having fun, and why shouldn’t you? There is a level of excitement around you that keeps life dynamic and appealing and as such more fun things continue to happen for you and to you. You easily make new friends, and slot them into your life. You may even rekindle old friendships. The theme of this week is friendship. Nothing means more to you. You simply want to be with people, and so you should.

With the sun in Scorpio, travel may be on the agenda for you. You may also have to travel for work related purposes. Your successes at work may bring you a degree of fame. You may feel inactive and lazy, but it’s important that you keep one foot in the social realm to avoid feeling disconnected, as is possible with a cerebral sign such as yourself who enjoys fraternizing on a mental plane. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is important. The key to your success is communication so be open about what you need, want and expect. Yoga and meditation serve you well. Keep yourself in balance and commit to regular practice.

Spending time with those you love is a true tried and tested tonic. You may still have your anxieties and low phases, but you are able to be drawn out of this by being social and being in the company of those who understand you. Libra’s are live wires who like to part of a group. Only when you feel truly despondent do you retract from such fun. Anything that you want to happen may materialise at this time so dream big. The sky truly is the limit, you also effortlessly complete tasks that you start. With Mars in Aquarius you may enter parenthood. There may also be simmering tensions in your love life that could be interpreted positively or negatively, depending on your perspective.

Spending time with your loved ones keeps you happy and buoyant this year. Libra’s are social creatures and enjoy surrounding themselves with good people. You turn out a good performance in your career. This is also a wonderful time for new educational opportunities which all air signs naturally gravitate to. In all that you do, you get the desired result. This should encourage you to work hard and do what’s needed as you’ll see incredible results, which only propels you to achieve more. A cardinal sign, you are good at leading yourself once you make up your mind. A change is coming, perhaps a new relationship or parenthood and you will embrace it with open arms.

Having faith in yourself will get you far in life. Most of your faith is reserved for other people which is why it is essential that you also restore some of your own. In doing so, you’ll have the confidence to do what you dream. There may be misunderstandings or difference between you and a partner, so make sure that you rectify things as soon as possible. You aren’t one to sulk, but you may storm off in a fiery tantrum. You want to travel, eat nice foods and enjoy life, and life is there to be partaken off. Make sure that you keep yourself open to experiences that come your way. Saying yes will be beneficial. Keep your health a priority. It is very important that you take care of you.

Our past predicts our present, our present predicts our future. Some positive action you have completed in the past will benefit you today. This sets a good precedent to continue on a good trajectory to benefit your future self. In love, it is important to be honest, and if you are, things with flourish. You are recognised as being a formidable alley and asset and will people will come to you, wanting you for their team. The ball is in your court. You are still seeking a balance between your personal and professional life, but you’ll get there. There is a sense of harmony in life that you should enjoy. You have worked hard to get here.

All areas of life are working well; your career, finances, personal life and health are flourishing. You are also inherently lucky. Have you considered playing the lottery? Your winning numbers might come up. Growth, development and evolution are guaranteed so think about the sort of person you want to evolve into. You can then take steps towards becoming it. See yourself as a seed that can grow into any number of flowers or trees. It simply needs to take root. The women in your life give well-meaning and important advice, and your love life is truly magical. It’s possible it may even evolve into marriage with time, although it’s important to understand your partners intentions.

At this time, your relationships will be better than they’ve ever been. By being vulnerable and showing our true colours and cards, we enable others to get close to us by truly knowing us. Of course, this involves an element of risk, but all the best things do. To take risks is to play with absolutes, a yes or a no, black or white. This at least gives an answer. Prioritise your health. Your constitution is delicate as you are aligned with the spiritual and emotional. Nonetheless you are resilient and strong in ways that only those who are in touch with these realms can be. Your attitude is calm, compelling, tranquil as a lake on a spring day. Others may seek your advice and help.

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