Your Weekly Horoscope - 11 to 17 February 2019

Mon, Feb 11, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Feb 11, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope - 11 to 17 February 2019

Your weekly horoscope (11th to 17th Feb 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Your self-confidence is sky high, enabling you to push yourself professionally. This is a week for turbo boosting yourself into some new venture or project. This is a favourable period for following your dreams and you have an almost childlike sense of adventure that enables you to very easily be honest and authentic about what you want. This makes it all the more likely to come true. There is a sense of simplicity and order to life and to your mind right now that helps you to feel social and to push for change in your personal life. You may be more comfortable enforcing boundaries and communicating your values, needs and wants with a partner.


You’ve been enjoying a strong sense of self recently, feeling positive, peppy and passionate about life. Giving out this kind of energy is bringing only the best back to you. After all, we get what we give. Your enthusiasm is fiery and very motivational to those around you and it gives you the get up and go to respond to the call for action life is signalling you to take. Life carries a sense of completion. It is as simple and straightforward as picking a task or challenge and seeing it through. Be cautious not to become apathetic or lazy if it seems that things are ‘too good to be true.’ Don’t rely on luck as a crutch – remember you still need to be proactive and positive if you want things to continue to happen.


As the sun moves into Aquarius, you enjoy plenty of social gatherings and meetings. Gemini’s naturally hunger to be around others. Communicators, you need to be darting from A to B. A purposeful, intentional life with people, fostering close, compatible connections and relationships is essential for your well-being. You will support those younger than you, whose energy you understand. In terms of making decisions, you feel clearer and more rational, less clouded by negative distortions. This may be a time during which you settle on making a change that will be transformative in your life. You enjoy good health and feel mentally and emotionally positive. Hold onto this feeling. Let it carry you far.


With the sun moving into Aquarius on the 13th, you need to focus on restoring your confidence levels. We all want to achieve a baseline of confidence, which may wax and wane and falter periodically, but will ultimately remain in place. If you don’t feel you have this baseline confidence established already, then this is something to work towards this year. For Cancer, acknowledging your sensitivities and finding the strengths within them is vital. There is great power within you, and part of that is derived from your own gentle, loving nature. After all, love is the greatest, bravest and most transforming act of all, manifesting as little miracles every day.


The sun in Aquarius may throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your more intimate relationships. There may be an exchange of words, some hostility or general unhappiness in the conduct of your partner or trajectory of your relationship. This may be a difficult time for you to concentrate as you would like to. Although challenging times often feel intolerable, they teach us essential life lessons. This week, you may be learning more about your relationships, what you want and need from them and what you can give in return. He honest with your loved ones and you’ll move closer to peace and prosperity.


With the sun in Aquarius, you enjoy a prosperous love life, as well as an enjoyable personal life in general. There is no way that you can be deterred from your path, so as long as you have set your sights on a particular direction, you will see it through to its fruition. There is a tendency to want to safeguard your self-image out of a sense of self-consciousness but letting go a little will serve you well. With Mars in Aries you receive a much-wanted career boost. You have the gusto to make a strong impression and leave your mark. Now is the time to make suggestions and push through projects. This is also a great time for burgeoning new love.


On the 13th, as the sun moves into Aquarius, you may become growingly concerned about the image you project to the world. Is this image in line with the person you feel yourself to be inside, or are you showing yourself to be different or better? Learning to marry up how you appear to others with who you are will prevent misunderstandings and a misrepresentation of the self. With Mars in Aries, you are drawn towards spiritual pursuits. This will assist you with any self-consciousness regarding your image. Grounding yourself inside and feeling comfortable in your own skin will make a tremendous difference to your week.


With the sun transitioning into Aquarius on the 13th, your focus will primarily be on your work, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. You’ll be able to complete tasks that may not be particularly exciting or glamorous but that nonetheless need to be done. It is these jobs that will bring you closer to accomplishing your goals - the nitty-gritty behind the scenes chores that make things happen! That said, you are not easily put off, you are happy to work and don’t shy away from tasks that others shirk from. This serves you well in your own life. Make sure that you continue to keep the fires of love burning. Focus on work may pull your attention from love which would be a shame.


With the sun transitioning into Aquarius on the 13th, you will be bolstered by a tremendous sense of luck that keeps propelling you onward. Luck is a mysterious force of the universe, but the more you feed into it, the more you can generate. Believe, have hope and faith in the great mysteries that we don’t understand. If there is a lingering sense of anxiety in your life, be sure to share it with a trusted friend. This is better than allowing it to wither within you. Mars in Aries suggests a move towards marriage – there’s a need to make a commitment to someone who means the world to you. In doing so, you can take your relationship to the next level.


This week, your financial condition will improve. This should not be a surprise to you as you are money-minded. You enjoy earning and accruing wealth, and you are cautious and sensible in terms of your spending. You normally have an idea about what to do with the money you cultivate and in doing so can really move your life forward to new levels. In love, there may be a need to cast your eye over what is and what is not working. You may need to breathe new life into a romance that has fallen on the backburner. Remember, love needs attention to thrive. Mars in Aries should bolster success in love as it gives you the gumption to get things going. Your partner is supportive of you, and you of them, even if life is somewhat challenging.


The sun in your own sign of Aquarius lends speed to your thinking processes. In fact, your mental brilliance is liable to be heightened. You will be imaginative, original and unique, with flares of genius. Whether your thinking is utilised in work, relationships or in terms of fleshing out your life path, it will serve you well. Money may attach itself to your ideas ensuring that you succeed. Success is sure. Mercury in Aquarius may make concentration a blip here and there, but meditation can help to re-focus you. Mars in Aries can lend fame and recognition to your endeavours taking you very far indeed. This is a great period for students, the extra brainpower will serve you well! 


With the sun in Aquarius, your confidence may be at a lower ebb. You are susceptible to such waxes and wanes as a water sign who feels things powerfully deeply and profoundly. Being aware of your own emotions and their power and strength is acutely important for you. Building your confidence will serve you will, especially when you understand that you can empower and sustain others. With Mars in cardinal Aries, you notice things materialising in your life at a rapid pace. Aries likes to get things started (if not finished) so there will be lots of exciting happenings occurring in your life.

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