Your Birth Path Number defines Your Traits

Wed, May 27, 2015
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, May 27, 2015
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Birth Path Number defines Your Traits

Everyone must be familiar with the term ‘numerology’; it has been around for a long time now ever since it was invented by Pythagoras. According to astroYogi astrologers knowing your birth path number can help you take control of your life ranging from health, career even your personal relationships. Your life path is the most important and to find out your birth number, take your birth date and add the numbers separately until you reach a single digit number, make sure that you add your full year of birth and not just the last two digits. The single digit number will be your birth path number.

Birth Path Number One
Ruled by the Sun, One represents the leader. This individual is strong, independent, ambitious, confident and creative. They have the ability to stand alone and is filled with positive vibrations. But no one can be perfect and at times these strong individuals may show signs of arrogance and impatience. They are the ones to take the lead when it comes to matters of the heart. They can be quite experimental and exciting when it comes to relationships.

Birth Path Number Two
Ruled by the Moon, Two indicates desire for harmony and is a peace lover. It indicates a gentle, sensitive and considerate nature but do not take them for granted or they can turn manipulative and at times passive aggressive. They are known to offer emotional security to their lovers and will always try their best to keep the relationship running smoothly. It is similar with Cancer vibrations since Moon rules Cancer and number two is associated with the Moon.

Birth Path Number Three
Ruled by Jupiter, Three transmits good vibrations and is known to be friendly, sociable, positive and kind. But if expressed negatively in a situation they can at times get very superficial nevertheless they can woo anyone with their good sense of humor. As lovers these individuals are quite experimental to do exciting things but they should be allowed to have their own space even in a relationship or else they can be unhappy and restless. Otherwise, these individuals are very exciting partners and friends to be with.

Birth Path Number Four
Ruled by Uranus, these individuals are trustworthy, practical and hardworking with love for details. This is not all; even if they are known to be logical they can be annoyingly stubborn. If they feel confined they can get quite emotional and frustrated. They love to tackle problems and are known to be loyal lovers.

Birth Path Number Five
Ruled by Mercury, these people are adaptable and freedom loving. Often referred to as freedom lovers, they are intellectual individuals with a love for variety. These individuals need to be mentally stimulated and in order to be happy require some level of change and variety or they can turn non-committal and inconsistent.

Birth Path Number Six
Ruled by Venus, number six is a peace lover who longs for stability, love, harmonious and positive vibration. They have a special disliking for discord and will not mind to walk that extra mile to maintain peace and harmony. These individuals are family loving and are known to be devoted and stable partners. But at their worst if pushed too far, they can be very stubborn and show extreme traits of possessiveness and jealousy.

Birth Path Number Seven
Ruled by Neptune, seven represents the deep thinkers, emitting spiritual vibrations. These individuals do not find any pleasures in the material world and are generally quiet in nature sometimes mistaken to be an introvert. As lovers they can be a little hard to reach or understand and are a little spaced out. What makes them interesting is that they are intuitive and some even possess amazing psychic abilities. Although disappointments in life can make them melancholic or loners they are known to be devoted lovers.

Birth Path Number Eight
Ruled by Saturn, eight possesses strong qualities for which they are known to be the manager. They radiate success being practical, ambitious, business minded emanating materialistic vibes. They take commitments seriously and fulfil their responsibilities dutifully. As they have strong and stable temperaments they can offer their lovers what they need the most: a stable and secure relationship.

Birth Path Number Nine
Ruled by Mars, nine embodies the teacher and some can be impractical yet tolerant with streaks of sympathy. These individuals can be referred to as jack of all trades and are extremely emotional as they believe in helping any sentient being. But if they lose control of their emotions, they can turn extremely moody, careless or restless. Since helping others is their nature, sometimes people end up taking them for granted especially in a relationship. If triggered they can resort back to their bullying nature which lies dormant and in control because of their high levels of tolerance.

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