You are so ’LIBRA’ Ranbir

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
You are so ’LIBRA’ Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor, ‘the most bankable actor of his generation’(Quoting Economic Times) was born on 28 September 1982 and is a Libra. Like most Libra’s he has a charming personality and can be really friendly and flirty, making him incredibly appealing. His boyish charm saddled with his good looks(and maybe his lineage), has not only girls, but their mommies swooning over him too. People’s Magazine rated him as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’. Librans are generally the most attractive of all the Zodiac signs and it’s no wonder that he is also the most desirable.

Ruled by Venus, a lover of beautiful things, Ranbir not only loves pretty girls(It’s no wonder he is labelled as a Casanova), but is also artistic. He has trained in Jazz and Ballet, knows how to play the tabla and was professional enough to learn how to play the guitar since his role demanded it for his movie, Rockstar. Ranbir loves his luxury and the first thing he did was, buy a luxury watch from his first earning. Confident of being blessed with genes for good looks, Ranbir trains hard in the gym but only because of his motivating trainer. 

Libra, being an air sign, blesses Ranbir with an intellectual and keen mind. Although, not a good student in school, he is the first male from the Kapoor clan to complete his school education and not only join college but also pursue a professional course to learn ‘Film Making’ at the ‘School of Visual Arts’ in New York City and ‘Method Acting’ at the ‘Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute’. The sense of balance and harmony makes a Libra highly creative.

Libra-born cannot tolerate injustice of any kind and prefer to keep peace even at their own cost. Libra is the sign that rules marriage and an unhappy family can have a deep negative impact on the child, which is what happened with Ranbir. As a child, Ranbir confessed how his parents troubled marriage coupled with constant late night fights, kept him awake all night feeling miserable. He would simply sit quietly on the stairs and wait for the fight to end.

The Libra trait in Ranbir, gives importance to a compatible and stable partner, specially since he saw his parents complex relationship. That left a deep impact on the child and has left him feeling quite insecure about trusting and settling with someone. In his teen years, he tried to find solace in his first serious relationship in the seventh grade, but went into depression, when it ended. In adult hood, he is now flittng from one affair to another, unsure of what he wants.This sort of indecision is one negative trait of Libra.

Ranbir’s friend, Katrina, swears that he is a very balanced person, thanks to his Zodiac sign. He is matured and handles situations well. When interviewed along with arch rival, Ranvir Singh, he kept his cool inspite of being needled constantly by Karan Johar.

In the same vein, he owned up to his infidelity as being the cause of break up between him and Deepika Padukone.

Librans are not one of the more physically active signs and so although Ranbir loves football and is the Vice-Captain of the ‘All Stars Football Club’, he loves simply lolling at home with his family and playing Xbox and Candy Crush.

Libras are lucky financially and fortunately for Ranbir, he comes from a wealthy background. Inspite of this, he has worked hard and is enlisted in the ‘More than 100 million’ brand value bracket. 

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