Awakening ‘Shakti’ This International Women's Day

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Awakening ‘Shakti’ This International Women's Day!

International women’s day is celebrated all over the world on 8th March every year to recognize the achievements of women in various fields. A lot of seminars, awards, marketing campaigns, and social media activity happens and we acknowledge the market leaders in each domain. Now through this article, we would like to share about the spiritual energies that each woman carries and if channelized and enhanced in the right direction, it can not only bring immense health to the women but also great success to their families as well as to our society.

A lot of women approach astrologers on a day to day basis sharing how miserable they feel in their present situation, how they feel that they are stuck in their professional lives competing with unhealthy competition and politics at work, how their support systems including their inlaws or even husbands do not value and respect them enough due to which they tend to lose their self-respect and confidence over a period of time. Many share how they are stuck in an abusive relationship or unable to pursue their talents and passions as they sacrifice themselves while taking care of their domestic responsibilities. Women are always trying to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives and no matter how much they do, it's never enough. Likewise, many men approach for counseling complaining how their wives are nagging and not understanding them due to which they start looking for comfort outside their marriage.

We, however, tend to forget that we come from the land which gave birth to Jhansi ki rani, Indira Gandhi, and many others. A woman has the capacity to give birth to a new life. Medically, it is considered to be equivalent to breaking 120 bones at the same time. Such pain tolerance and endurance are only present in a woman as she is a ‘Shakti.’ The problem lies in the fact that we have forgotten about our inherent power in our regular lives and hence, we tend to look for inspiration and role models outside when we have that capacity within us. It's like a deer has Kasturi within himself but keeps looking for it outside. The famous Buddhist chant - “Om Mani Padme Hum” is on the same lines that we often hear in monasteries and meditation camps

What all of us need to understand is that the energy or the urja comes from within - Shakti and hence we need to look within to find solutions to all our problems. Turn Inwards!!! Shakti energy can be nurturing, soothing, and hence good for taking care of family members yet at the same time can turn into Kali or Durga to protect her children and also Lakshmi if she channels her energy into her profession with total focus and commitment.

We all know that it is always said that “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” This tells us that a woman has supported and in the process sacrificed a lot of herself to support a man’s success. But when we celebrate a woman’s success then it's truly her success.

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Science Says:

Scientifically, a woman’s DNA has evolved much stronger over a period of time as compared to a man’s as women have gone through a lot if we look at history. From being treated as someone’s property, to being forced to commit to the practice of Sati, to killing female children, to dowry. Now things have changed due to financial independence and higher education. However, they still go through a lot of testing times.

Spirituality Says:

Spirituality, it has been observed that the families and societies who are supportive of women, appreciate them, encourage them; they touch great heights and the Divine’s grace is bestowed upon them. Contrary to this, families and societies that suppress women crumble eventually. That is why our culture always had such a strong emphasis on worshiping feminine energy and female goddesses. Devi temples from Vaishno Devi Mata to Kamakhaya Devi temple are not only famous and filled with devotees but also have a higher Urjas-the power of ‘Shakti.’ 

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On International Women’s Day Theme:

So, the whole idea is to acknowledge the fact that feminine energy is a crucial part of any society and its wellbeing and development. The more we cherish that and nurture our women the more art, creativity, emotions we will have, or else our society will become robotic, generating millions of dollars but it will be hollow from within and have no meaning.

Men need to respect, love, and treat the women in their lives with equal footing - be it their sisters, daughters, mother, or wife and also help them and invest in their individual growth as well. Families need to consider the interests of the women in their lives with the same gravity as the boys of the house.

Women, you need to know that you are an immense source of energy and that nothing would be possible without you. You give stability and the much-needed grounding to everyone around you which is excellent. However, do not forget your own self in this journey. If you are not happy within then how will you make others happy? Pursue your own interests, hobbies, and passions. Keep doing things that are constructive. Invest time and energy learning new skills and keep developing yourself all the time so that there is no stagnation in your life.

Remember, you are a Shakti, so now it's time to awaken that Shakti within you and make yourself much stronger mentally and emotionally, and come out as a Higher Version Of Yourself !!!

Dedicated to all the Shaktis and Shiva’s in their Life on International Women’s Day 2022….

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Happy International Women’s Day!

✍️ By- Tarot Pooja

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