Will the world end on December 21?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Will the world end on December 21?

There is a huge anarchism around the world that this "World will end on 21st December 2012" and there will be no life. We are listening from many sources and reading articles from the past 5 years that the world will come to an end on 21st Dec 2012. People have fear on back of their mind and are praying to God for protection. People are keeping their fingers crossed with this unknown fear that the world will end. These previous forecasts about this date compel me to jump in to astrological facts of natural disasters that have occurred in the last 100 years. After having a similar astro-analysis of natural disasters based on planetary combinations, I can reach to the conclusion that some natural disasters are likely on this particular time period. My astrological findings are given below.

I looked back at the natural disasters that occurred in the past 100 years and analyzed the planetary position at that time. Based on those findings it is possible to predict what to expect or what possibly can happen on 21st Dec 2012. Record of natural disaster for past 100 years shows that first of all most of the natural calamities have happened either on/close to or just post full moon or new moon. Second combination is Mars in Watery sign, in Pisces, close to Saturn and aspect of Saturn Mars. Third combination is when Rahu (Dragon Head) aspect Saturn. During the time of Alaska 1964 Tsunami, at the time of The Great Chilean Earthquake, 1960, Mars was in Pisces. Rahu (Dragon Head) aspects Saturn, Mars aspects Saturn, Rahu (Dragon Head) in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. 26 Jan 2001, Bhuj Earthquake in Gujarat, India, there was new moon, Mars aspect Saturn and Mars was in Airy sign. Rahu (Dragon Head) aspects Mars, Rahu (Dragon Head) was in Aries, Airy Sign. 8th Oct, 2005 in Kashmir-Earthquake, it happened just post new moon, Mars was in Fiery Sign, Aries and Saturn was in Watery Sign, Cancer and Mars aspect Saturn and Rahu (Dragon Head) was in Pisces aspect Saturn. 15th august 1950 Assam - Tibet Earthquake, Mars was in Airy Sign, Libra, and Saturn was in Leo, with Moon. Saturn aspects Mars and Rahu (Dragon Head) aspects Sun. 15th January 1934, Bihar, India Earthquake, Mars was in Capricorn, Conjunction with Saturn, Rahu (Dragon Head) and Sun. Moon was in Sagittarius.

During the time of Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, there was conjunction of Sun and Moon, aspect with the Mars in Pisces, Mars conjunction with Ketu (Dragon tail) and Rahu (Dragon Head) aspect Saturn. 2011, Tsunami, Mars aspect Moon, conjucted with Sun in the Aquarius and Moon was in Taurus. The largest recorded tsunami was a wave 1720 feet tall in Lituya Bay, Alaska, 1964. Again Mars was in Pisces conjuncted with the Moon and Sun placed at 4th from Mars. Sun Aspect by Rahu (Dragon Head). In 1883 again Mars and Moon conjuncted in Gemini aspects by Rahu (Dragon Head) and Saturn was in Taurus close to Mars and Moon. These equations are the Tsunamis Equation and in both the situation either an Earthquake or Tsunami has happened, Jupiter was well placed in own Sign or aspecting in own Sign aspect either Mars or Saturn or conjuncted with Mars and Saturn. Jupiter is making "GAAJ KESIRYA YOGA" as Sum Saptak Dikshti but this benefic planet could not control the natural disaster.

Now coming to the planetary position on 21st Dec 2012, when world is predicted to end, on this day there is New Moon, Saturn aspect Mars and Mars and Saturn and Rahu (Dragon Head) these aspect most watery Sign Cancer. Lord of Cancer will be Moon and Moon placed in watery sign Scorpio with Sun, Venus and Rahu (Dragon Head) and Mercury. Retrograde Jupiter conjuncted with Ketu (Dragon tail) aspect all these planets. Second important thing is that Sun and Moon are conjuncted with Rahu (Dragon Head). This planetary position makes an inauspicious combination and may be somewhat responsible for great natural disasters. The previous month too, two Eclipses on 13-14 November 12 and Lunar Eclipse at 28th November 12 were witnessed. These facts create a clear relation between these astro facts and natural disasters, which I have described below.

As per mundane astrology and Indian Vedic system there are chances of natural disaster based on astrological facts. There is natural disaster in the form of earthquakes and a high degree of agitation in water is indicated but 21st December will not be the actual date. According to planetary equation and properties of the planets, nature of planets, working procedure of planets based on chemistry of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Situation occurs around 12th / 13th December 2012 and in between 25th December. At this time, Saturn placed in Airy Sign Libra aspect Mars. Mars is in Fiery Sign and also Mars represents Earth and Saturn represent Air, Oil, Petrol and Natural Gases and Mars is Fiery Sign, Earthy planet. So, whenever Petrol meets with Fire, you can imagine the situation and also Mars another Sign Scorpio is watery Sign which covers deep rooted pits, hollow places, and deep holes having great darkness and represent hydroelectricity, Fire balls under the Ocean. The most sensitive belt is following: 

This situation covers under the Ocean. Most heated places in the Ocean near coastal region of Japan, USA, Chile and Indonesia, you can say of Pacific Ocean which is sensitive zone of Volcanic explosion too. So, according to chemistry of the planets, this harmful situation will be responsible for the higher level of explosion or Earthquakes and Tsunami too as there is another fact, Sign Scorpio which have natural characteristic to create sudden shock, sudden mis-happenings and is also responsible for scandals and Disbelief, is badly afflicted with the malefic planets. Sun and Rahu (Dragon Head) is also having its axis and this sign comes under PAAP KARTIYA YOGA. Though Jupiter aspect this sign but Jupiter is in Taurus with Ketu (Dragon tail) not in comfortable position and it found in the history of natural disaster. Jupiter never works as benefic planet. So, situation will be very tensed during 12/ 13th December till 25th December 12, another situation of such kind of attack will occur on 27th to 30th December 12, whenever there will be Full Moon but this will not be as drastic as near to 13th December but you can't say this attack will be easily tolerable. Places which will be afflicted having Starting alphabets "TO", "NA", "NI", "NU", "YA", "YI", "YU", "BHA", "BHE", "BHU", "THA", "FA", DHA". Places which start with any of these alphabets are highly sensitive and also similarly but not very highly "RA", "RI,"RU",, "TA", "TI, "TU", "E", "U", "A", "O", "VA". A Full Moon will be visible on 27th December 12 but situation is not highly dangerous near Full Moon but precaution is required too. Situation near full moon is highly dangerous and sensitive so, natural disaster is highly possible during 13th to 25th December 2012. Basically western countries and South East Asia may suffer.