Will Sachin make his 100th ton at Lord’s?

Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Will Sachin make his 100th ton at Lord’s?

Call him the Master Blaster or the Little Dynamite, Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly, a living legend. Cricket is a gentleman's game and who better symbolizes it than Sachin. A very humble, down-to-earth and disciplined with no signs of being egoistic, despite having many records to his name in the history cricket, he truly is a gentleman and role model for many youngsters.

In a cricket crazy nation, India, cricket is a religion and Sachin is its God. Neither rounds of applause nor can words of appreciation ever do justice to him for his achievements are phenomenal. The irony is he himself is creating records and breaking his own records one after another. In fact, there are hardly any records that have not been set and broken by him.

At 38, he is still going strong and young and is on the threshold to bring more laurels to the nation and its people. With the awesome moments of winning the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011 still fresh in mind and giving him that extra kick, Sachin is all geared up to make another record - his 100th hundred. The big question is will he make it at Lord's, a not so happy hunting ground for him?

Astroyi tells you how he will fare at Lord's, life after cricket and about his son Arjun Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar has always left a huge impact whenever he toured England. In his four tours to England, he has played in six venues and scored centuries in four and came quite close to making hundred in the fifth: Edgbaston 122, Headingley 193, Old Trafford 119, Trent Bridge 177 and The Oval 82. In England, his batting average is 62.00 which is well above his average 56.95 in all Test matches.

Unfortunately, Sachin's performance at Lord's has been utterly disappointing. In four Test matches at Lord's, he has failed to score even a fifty; 37 is his highest. His batting average at this ground is really poor with just 21.29.

No doubt, Sachin is in a great form but there are many factors going against him. The target of 100th ton in the 2000th international Test match and the 100th match between India and England, with the battlefield being Lord's, definitely, the task that lies ahead for him is difficult and challenging. With age not on his side, this probably could be his last Test match here. So, he would be having that strong urgency to achieve it. And he might probably succumb under this pressure. Another factor is that rain may play spoilsport at Lord's as it already did on Day 1.

It looks difficult for him in this match but he will very soon accomplish it, very likely in this Test series. Born 24 April 1973, Sachin belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus and just like a bull he is always determined to hit the target. He has a hunger to achieve more and this hunger drives him to play better and better every day. Taureans, in general, are known to be laidback and slow, but Sachin is anything but slow. He continues to work hard and improve himself. He has never cared for records, fame or money. Like a true hero, he has always emerged a winner. The coming few months will be better than ever for our star. The planets Mercury and Jupiter are in favour of him and things will look up for him. Sachin will do well in this series; and with most of the other players in great form, India has the upper hand in this series.

Astrologer Rikhav Khimasia has predicted that India will win this series. He explains, "Sun is the lord of India's Fifth house of sports performance. Throughout the duration of the match transitting Sun is applying conjunction to its own natal position.

In comparison Saturn is the lord of UK's fifth house and transitting Saturn is applying trine to the fifth house. It will be sextile to natal Mercury the lord of MC of UK. Comparing these transits of planets to natal planets of both countries, there is all likelihood that India will win this series."

With not much cricket left for him, everybody wonders what Sachin will be doing after he bids adieu to his love, i.e, cricket. "I still love cricket as much as ever. It is my job, but it is also my passion. Cricket remains in my heart; I don't need anything else to motivate me. I dreamed of playing for my country when I was young and it is still my dream; it is still fun for me," said Sachin, the great.

Though he will not be seen playing on the fields, hitting fours and sixes with his bat, Sachin will do something connected with cricket since he's good at it. Sachin has his other businesses which will keep him occupied. So far, his agents have been looking after them, now he can devote some time to his businesses. Post retirement, he will be looking to do more charitable work.

Sachin's son Arjun Tendulkar is a big cricketing fan and is very likely to be a cricketer, seeing how passionate he is for the game. Being the son of maestro batsman Sachin Tendulkar means there is a lot of pressure on him to live up to his father's image. He will definitely make a mark for himself in the field but matching up to his dad's calibre will be a little tough. The benchmark set by Sachin is something which is really difficult for any current or budding player to achieve. As a doting father, Sachin will always support him and will never force anything on him. Having made his debut at the U-13 Cadency Trophy from MIGC Club in Pune, Arjun is moving every inch closer to be like his dad.


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