Why Time of Birth Is Important in Vedic Astrology

Since ancient times, Vedic astrologers have believed that the time of birth of every native is based on his past ‘karmas’. And so, Vedic Astrology uses the time, date, place of birth and the year in which the native is born, while making the birth chart for predictions.

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Predictions made by Vedic astrology are considered to be highly authentic as they are also based on fixed zodiacs, ‘Nakshatras’, ‘Dasha’ and Divisional Charts.

The positions of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth are believed to affect every event that is likely to unfold in a native’s life. Since the Celestial bodies are constantly moving, it can sometimes be very difficult to know the exact birth time of an individual. The Ascendant, on an average, moves about 1 degree every four minutes. Thus, every minute counts. This is why knowing your correct birth time is important since each degree impacts your personality and hence, the accuracy of your reading. So, your birth time is important to calculate the positions of Ascendant, Sun, Moon and the planets to get an accurate reading.

Not only astrologers, but many expert psychologists too, agree to the fact that most twins born with even a minor time difference have major differences in their personalities and traits. This is why the time of birth of a native is considered to be of vital importance to make accurate calculations and predictions. The common agreement among the majority of Vedic astrologers is that predictions cannot be made without the native’s time of birth, maybe not till the exact minute, but at least till an approximate 5-10 minutes.

While Indian astrologers make predictions based on the movement of Moon, Western astrologers consider the movement and positions of the Sun. The Sun moves from one house to another every two hours.

A brief description of some common characteristics that people have during different birth times is given below-

Natives born between 12 am and 2 am-

They are always eager to learn more. People born during this time period have the planet Mercury ruling their third house. The common characteristics include having a sharp mind and a critical eye. Natives born during these hours also tend to have a good social circle.

From 10 am to 12 noon

They are some of the most disciplined individuals. They will not hesitate to sacrifice anything to achieve their goal. Despite being goal-oriented, these individuals are very family oriented as well, especially towards their mothers. For them, their mother is their idol in life. These natives often have a special/unique feature that makes it hard for people to forget them.

From 4pm to 6pm

Born during these hours, natives like to spend the majority of their time devoted for love. These individuals tend to be very polite and sensitive, and are always promoting peace. They are very intelligent beings, using their tactful nature to be good arbitrators.

From 8pm to 10pm

These natives are positive influences for others, providing a ‘light’ in their lives. They also make excellent leaders. They tend to be very joyful and will spend majority of their time interacting with their friends, in order to gain more knowledge.

From 10pm to 12 midnight

Vigorous natives, they are always searching to experience new things. That said, these individuals are also very determined when looking to achieve peace of mind. They know the importance of time, and this is often the reason that they are very stable in life. Another important feature about these individual is that they value honestly, and will always keep their word.


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