Why Sometimes Relationship Don’t Work

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Why Sometimes Relationship Don’t Work

Venus is the planet of love and it also represents the likes and dislikes of a native in a love relationship with regards to the sign it is placed in and other aspects as well in the birth chart. Zodiac sign traits influences the planet placed there and also factors represented by it. Here are some points which shows what to avoid if someone wants to continue their relationship. But remember things are always two way round in any relationship. Both people should work on it to make it last. This article is not intended to be used as an excuse for breaking up but to strengthen your relationship.


Venus in Aries

If you will continuously showing by your actions that you are the one who should control the relationship and you have no intention to listen to them. Then this will create a power struggle between you two. If you keep enforcing your favourite things on them or being lazy all the time these things will suffocate them and they will go out to seek someone else.

Venus in Taurus
Venus in Taurus thinks twice before committing to someone who argues a lot. They don’t want to be told every day to stay committed. Don’t keep emphasizing on it. They don’t like anyone who starts a drama every now and then. They want their partner to be unpredictable as they love surprises. Planned things/events are not at all in their list. If you will show like you are quite calm about everything in relationship they will take it as lack of interest from your side in relationship. Doing so may make them end relationship easily.

Venus in Gemini
They will appreciate if you are aware about what is happening in this world. Try to be unpredictable and little bit inconsistent as they like to amazed by something unexpected, it’s a kind of thrill for them. If you are someone who have no interest in adventures and not a risk taker (in a balanced way of course), then lack of these all things may make them lose their interest in you.

Venus in Cancer
Don’t be submissive all the time. Venus in Cancer people wants their partner to control the relationship. You have to love their family, specially mother. Never say you don’t want to stay with their family. If they don’t see all this happening they might consider quitting.

Venus in Leo
If you want your partner with Venus in Leo to leave you then simply look disinterested when they tell you how much opposite gender craves for them. Stop giving them attention and tell them they are not good looking enough. Stop try to being intimate with them. Although this will not break their heart but they will find it hard to continue loving you gradually.

Venus in Virgo
They don’t like their partner to stay unclean. If you are someone who is flirty with opposite sex and showing it off as well they are not going to like it. They will expect that, if they advice you about something, you should be willing to accept it. They do not appreciate public display of affection as well.

Venus in Libra
Libra’s are all about balance and equality. They would appreciate if you will also contribute on dates and are wise enough while spending money. They like their partner to be goal oriented and someone who wish to make it big in future. They don’t like someone who would force them to buy things and has no money of their own. They do not take these things lightly in relationship.

Venus in Scorpio
These people are not very talkative but they love private talks. They like their partner to be surrounded by mystery little bit, so don’t be an open book with them and don’t let them know your all activities in advance.  If you will do opposite of this they might get annoyed and they will not like to stay in relationship.

Venus in Sagittarius
These people don’t like politics or precisely life stories of political people at all. They love fun dates, entertainment, watching television and going to movies of their liking. They would love it if you laugh on their jokes. If they are coming to meet you assure them you will be there only. Not doing all this may force your partner to breakup with you in few days.

Venus in Capricorn
Capri’s in Venus prefer partners who care about saving money, reputation and building a future. So you should not be spending money like crazy and never be confused about your future prospects. They won’t like constant whining about how pathetic and miserable your life is or forget about general etiquette. They might lose interest in you if you are unable to do so.

Venus in Aquarius
They want little space in relationship. They can’t stand being too predictable and clinginess. Don’t make a timetable for everything. Routine makes them feel bored to the extent of dying. All this may make them fall out of love over the time.

Venus in Pisces
These people are generally a follower. They pick up the habits of their partner quickly. So, if you want your relationship to be continued and want to have something in that relationship first you have to give it and same will be reciprocated. Communicate with them every day that too affectionately. Always show that this relationship is important for you and you are serious about it. Make sure that these things become like habit to them and they will never lose interest in you.

Lots of Love n Light to All.

           Ruchee Mittal
Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader