Why Men Become Distant When They Were Nice In the Early Days

Monday, January 30, 2017

It can be extremely frustrating when someone who was giving you so much attention, suddenly starts ignoring you. Someone who was going out of his way to spend time with you, someone who would pick your phone at the first ring, someone who would surprise you during your lunch break in office, now suddenly seems withdrawn into a shell. Just when you thought everything was going well between you two…now there’s an eerie silence from that end.

You will normally make the mistake of assuming that you did or said something wrong that’s put him off. You will start making desperate calls to him which instead of pulling the man towards you, will only manage to do the opposite. The more you attempt to understand the why’s of the situation, the worse the scenario becomes. The best thing to do is to stay low for some time and talk this out with our tarot reader. 

There could be several explanations to him becoming aloof- the most likely one is stress. Every person has enough going on in their life other than the romantic aspect. Maybe he is having a tough time in his job or some internal emotional issue with his family or something. Give him room to sort it out by himself. If and when he wants to tell you about it or ask for some advice, he will approach you himself. Meanwhile, don’t just ignore him completely – a once in a while “hope all is well” –works great .That conveys to him that you are there to help when he is ready to receive it. Typically, a woman sorts these things out by talking to her close friends and so you may think he wants to do the same. Men are wired differently. They rarely talk out. So give him time. He’ll appreciate that.

Another reason could be that you are not giving him space. Are you on his case every hour? Maybe you are not giving him time to himself and are becoming very demanding. Do remember that most people like their ‘me time’. He is not running away anywhere if he is interested in you. In fact, a little distance only increases the fondness. Are you leaning on him heavily with your problems? That can be claustrophobic for him too. If you are a whiner, he will retreat. Although love is all about sharing and caring; but if one side sponges too much on the other, then the scale tilts and things go askew. Please check yourself.

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There could also be the possibility that he is ruminating over this relationship. You may be clear in your mind about him, but maybe he needs time to think. It’s a known fact that love cannot be forced on someone. And also, if there is genuine love, nothing can take that away. So, breathe easy and give the relationship time. Do not run after it. If you are still confused, you just have to make that call to our tarot reader and we are happy to help you. Our tarot readers will tell you if this relationship has any future or not.  Our expert tarot readers can assuage the dilemma in your relationship and guide you through the distress.

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