Why do you lie?

Mon, Apr 15, 2013
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Apr 15, 2013
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Why do you lie?

Where there is good there is bound to be something bad as well, only we might not be aware of it.  Has it ever happened that a particular friend you thought was so nice turned out to be the one telling all sorts of lies behind your back? Bet it would have happened with 90% of people in the world! It is all right to lie, we all lie, and sometimes lies are a lot more interesting than the truth itself. However, certain people lie more and intend to malign people’s reputation with all those lies that they tell others, which certainly is not all right.

Want to know what people belonging to the different sun signs are most likely to lie about? Read on


People belonging to this sun sign love to travel, so much so that they will lie just to go out and have a good time (they do not care who they are with, they just want to travel). So the next time your Arian friend says "oh I want to go with you because I like your company so much" you’ll know what he’s really up to. However, Arians are super fun to be with and you will never regret spending time with them.


The most likely of all sun signs to cheat is Taurus.  Of course, they love their family, which is probably the reason they end up having extramarital affairs, for they do not want to bother and hurt their loved ones with their ever increasing demands and complaints (tongue in cheek!). All the negatives aside, Taureans can be extremely faithful if you are able to win their heart.


Some Geminis tend to be philanderers and in order to quench their thirst for excitement end up having multiple affairs at one time, and yes they are very good at hiding one from the other. Also, if the Gemini talks about an affair he had with a popular girl/guy, there is probably no truth to it. On the other hand, Geminis are kind creatures and may do several kind deeds and not tell anyone about it.


So what are cancerians hiding underneath that pretence of being so classy and sophisticated-their love for food. Yes food, surprised? The crab has an appetite for good food and just loves to eat. They may even lie about not eating anything (when in fact they have eaten kilos of food) just to eat some more. On the upside, cancerians are very considerate to others.


Leos do not feel guilty about lying and the one thing which they lie most about is their accomplishments. They are probably the best liars of the zodiac and if telling a lie will bring them success, they will lie without so much as batting an eyelid. Check their resumes and you will know what I am referring to. Take everything that the mighty Leo tells you with a grain of salt, but do not ever be on his wrong side, because a friend like him is difficult to get.


Compliments by a Virgo shouldn’t be trusted, most often than not they are anything but lies. A Virgo may say that you are the most interesting person he has ever met when he actually finds you the most irritating.  They are perfectionists and always want everything to be just right, so if you happen to know a Virgo you can take a tip or two from their impeccable style of doing just about everything.


The person who mimics others and makes fun of them behind their back is probably a Libran. Known as the most mischievous yet charming of all sun signs of the zodiac, Librans love to imitate others. On the upside, they are just and will never do anything that will hurt another person (of course, except making fun of them)


They can be pretty mean and selfish when it comes to matters of the heart. All that they care about is their own needs and desires. They tell all sorts of lies just to get what they want. They may even tell you they are single when they are actually married. That said, they can be extremely loyal and will never leave you alone in times of distress.


So you thought that only scorpions were secretive, well you couldn’t be further from the truth, meet Sagittarians. They would be hiding pornographic magazines in their drawers without you even having a clue of it. However, they will never ever divulge your secrets to others and are extremely generous and helpful.


Ambition is what drives the goat to be selfish and take credit for all your good work. They may be secretly telling the boss that it was he/she who did all the good work, but on the plus side if they really care about or if you happen to be their good friend, they will never betray and backstab you.


Aquarians are quite the eccentrics of the zodiac, if I may say so. The Aquarian is also likely to hide many secrets, and mind you their secrets will leave you amazed. Some Aquarians may even be bisexual, but will strongly deny it. That does not mean that Aquarians are bad people; they are great listeners and will always be ready to help you out with your problems.


The dreamer of the zodiac too hides a lot many secrets, but unlike the rest most of his secrets do not have devilish intentions and nor will they knock you off your safety boat. Pisceans harbor crushes on people for a very long time and when they really hate someone they do it with all their heart, and the best part is that you may not even be aware of it. Pisceans are helpful and caring and will help anyone without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you.

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