Who’s the better match for Shahid?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Who’s the better match for Shahid?

Bollywood has seen a surge of budding romances in the last couple of months. While on the one hand, some seem to be tying the knot and exchanging vows to spend the rest of their life together, on the other hand there are short lived relationships which seem to be bursting into flames just as fast as they ignited. The couple in focus off late has been Shahid Kapoor and Bipasha Basu. However, is their relationship going to last or is it going to be another addition to the list of Shahid’s failed relationships? Let us see what the heavens have in store for them and if Shahid is in fact more compatible with Priyanka than Bipasha.

Shahid being a Pisces symbolises water while Bipasha as a Capricorn represents Earth. The combination of the two is thus believed to be rather favourable. Due to their inherent suitable attraction they both accept and appreciate each other’s differences in expressing love. While the Pisces man takes charge of their romantic relationship, the Capricorn lady is the backbone of the relationship, supporting her man through thick and thin. Bipasha also gets the one thing every woman desires from her partner more than anything, for him to actually listen to what she has to say and to understand it. Thus their understanding towards each other gives rise to quite a healthy relationship between the two.

If you thought a couple’s compatibility could not get any better, you are wrong. Shahid seems to be choosing his partners wisely and thoughtfully. In the case of Priyanka, she is a Cancerian - the Pisces and Cancer blend is highly rewarding as both are water signs and thus is tangible. Their romance is almost dreamlike, both believing in the innocence of romance. They are believed to be equally loving, selfless and sympathetic. Also, while Shahid is patient enough to listen to Bipasha, a Pisces man can read his Cancerian partner’s mind thus Priyanka scoring additional value points in that arena.

However, every rose has its thorn. Many of Shahid’s qualities and characteristics according to his Zodiac Sign clash with attributes of both Bipasha and Priyanka. The foremost challenge between a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman is their mismatched level of expectation of each other and the relationship. Due to Shahid’s dreamy nature a lot of Bipasha’s actions can be perceived to be complex, harsh and rigid. He can make her feel insecure about the future due to his delusional expectations of the future. Communication thus becomes a very integral aspect of their relationship. However, the problem that plagues the relationship between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman is that of their unrelenting mood swings and their strange need for guarding their secrets and innermost thoughts. Being escapists can sometimes cause damage to their relationship beyond repair.

Every relationship and every couple have their pitfalls and qualms. No two people are perfect for each other and that’s what makes a relationship more enthralling and exciting. It is essential to compromise and appreciate one another through every step of the way. Our analysis of Shahid’s relationships shows that his high compatibility with Priyanka Chopra. They are understanding of each other and share the same views on several topics. So if you ask us, we are definitely on team Shahid and Priyanaka but our wishes are with Bipasha to make the best out of it.