When you are having a tough time

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When you are having a tough time

Life can be a roller-coaster, which takes sudden twists and turns totally out of our control and cause a jittery feeling in our stomachs. Some may experience it more than others, but it’s there nonetheless. Though you may scared like anything while you are on the ride, that is how it is supposed to be. Life is meant to be happening and not plain and dull, we need to learn to zoom out of such situations and reiterate on the holistic meaning of life while we are having a tough time. We need to understand and acknowledge that it is all part of life and nothing is bigger than life itself. Life may throw us in circles, making it hard to keep our heads straight and not feel low and worried, but eventually, all will be sorted, the spinning will slow down and we will be able to get back in control.

Your problems could be caused by the madness around you, or you might be  just having ‘one of those days’. Though, you should also be aware of the effects of your stars that may be causing problems in your life. Vedic astrology helps to understand the effects of the malefic planetary positions that may play a role in our daily lives.

Though every ascendent in your horoscope, has its own benefic and malefic planets, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are considered natural malefics. The position of the planets and your stars may be impacting your life, giving root to many problems that you may be facing. You could better understand and solve your problems by analyzing the positions of your ascendent with the planets. Calculating the transitory effects of the planets with the houses can be a tedious process and our renowned astrologers can explain the situation to you.

Usually, when the Sun and Mars are malefic, you may experience health-related problems like joint pains, breathing problems or headaches, etc. Remedies for Malefic Sun and Mars include drinking a glass of sweetened water before leaving home or workplace, resorting to eating vegetarian foods, taking your mothers’ blessings, donating sweets to a nearby temple, planting a neem tree, and feeding cows, if possible.

Have you experienced some sudden changes in life? Our expert Vedic astrologers could explain the cause and also provide you with some remedies and guidance to overcome those.

When Saturn is malefic, conflicts may arise in the workplace or at home, you could experience weakness and may even lose weight suddenly. You may even be prone to falling ill. Malefic Saturn can be remedied by donating footwear to the poor, drinking only cow milk, consuming only vegetarian foods, brushing your teeth with a neem stick, and avoiding drinking alcohol.

When Rahu is malefic, quarrels may arise with neighbors or lovers making you lose your peace of mind, and you may have nightmares or have trouble sleeping. Remedies for a malefic Rahu include feeding birds regularly till the problems subside, drinking water from a silver cup, and wearing darker shades of blue. 

And when Ketu is malefic, you may experience some health problems like joint pains, kidney or urinary infections, and your children could stir up some problems for you. You can remedy a malefic Ketu by donating sweets to orphans, avoid wearing shades of red and keep a pot of honey in a silver ornament in your kitchen.

Remember that you should stay strong and hopeful, even if you may feel at your lowest. The planetary positions will change and the planets will align with the houses to become benefic. Consult expert astrologers at astroYogi to seek guidance and remedies for the difficult situations which you may come across in life.

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